Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Cancer

The character of the person with the Sun in Scorpio and the ascendant in Cancer is emotionally overloaded. They approach the people with circumspection, but if something does not work out, they bring all their passion into action. They seem to constantly feel the need to emphasize their identity. They are somewhat quick-tempered to react to public opinion, they do not want to be subjected to spiritual violence.

Scorpions with an ascendant in Cancer explore everything around them, bumping into borders, they cross them. They are attracted to distant countries; They read a lot about border areas. They are exaggeratedly emotional. If they ignite, they no longer know how to hold. Disappointment can lead to fierce reactions; It can end badly for themselves and for a partner.

Like no other they suffer from disappointments, but they know how to enjoy and love. Everything, in what they were attracted by the feeling, they do with all the passion. If they are engaged in science, they turn out to be the highest scientists; If they are attracted by the occult, they feel at home. Their life, of course, is far from calm, but full.

Under certain conditions, they can indulge in drunkenness. They should take care of self-control from an early age, they are also not free from envy, especially when it comes to undeserved success. They are always overwhelmed, which can affect your health; They often suffer psychosomatic disorders on the basis of their soul.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

You have good taste, are sociable and friendly. This is a very tense combination of signs, and your emotions are deep and strong. Priorities for you are children, animals and social life. You have a great sense of humor, and you think that the more around people, the more fun. You are very practical, but at the same time you can put all your money into entertainment. Well, sometimes it’s not bad.

You have a changeable and capricious temper. You are independent, have a good adaptability and a variety of talents. But because of your excessive sensitivity you are very irritable. You can be both brave and timid: usually timid at the time of immediate danger, but very bold in thoughts and looks.

Probably, you can have troubles because of relatives with whom you do not get along. You may become more intimate with another family, maybe your spouse’s family. Up to thirty-five years your situation in life will be uncertain, but later your business will be adjusted.

Dark Side of the Sign

You like to have a good time and are inclined to indulge your whims even to the detriment of your own health, surrounding or your bank account. You are not interested in what can not entertain you. Naturally, responsibility is what you seek to avoid by any means. You like to be free and accessible in any sense. As a spouse, you are completely hopeless, since you do not move a finger to stay faithful in marriage. You live for today, but for tomorrow you do not care. This attitude to life can be acceptable when you are young and healthy, but with age, entertainment and romance is becoming harder and harder to find. And, in the end, you will come to the fact that you will sink your sorrows in wine and regret that you did not bother to have at least one close friend.

Love and Family

You are capable of a long and strong affection, which is not afraid of years or distances. However, this combination of signs does not favor conjugal happiness, and children will be the source of many problems. You will be glad to hear that the eldest child will succeed in military affairs, in the field of medicine or chemistry and will achieve a good position in life. In old age, your children will be your most reliable support. It seems that you deliberately create difficulties for yourself in emotional life, and therefore, when it comes to your elect, you are always the loser. Nevertheless, marriage can bring you an inheritance, although you will receive it only after major litigation.

Career and Money

You are gifted with a rich imagination and have the ability to recycle old material and present it as a new one. You strive for good fortune and wealth and can succeed by participating in social movements. All your trips will bring you success and money. A good position in life will get to you through struggle and many efforts, besides, you can become a victim of slander. You will succeed with the help of enterprise and courage, but before thirty-five years your situation in life will be somewhat unstable. Friends will support you and provide financial assistance. You can become an excellent artist or an artist, a teacher or a stockbroker, and also succeed in entertainment.

Health and Immunity

You may be disturbed by digestive disorders, as well as blood pressure disorders. Rich imagination causes you to have nightmares, and you are prone to fearing the worst. You can also suffer rheumatism, sciatica and diseases that affect the chest and stomach. Your clumsiness can lead to constant falls, cuts and bruises. In addition, you are prone to hypochondria, and this makes your loved ones listen to your mood all the time. Try to keep your imagination under control, and then you will be able to maintain health and good physical shape for a long time.

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