Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Capricorn

People with the Sun in Scorpio and the Ascendant in Capricorn are individualists who know that they are nothing. There is always deep sorrow around them. They seem lost and can not reconcile with it. They endure a difficult life struggle, but the inability to find their own identity, makes them sick. Their self-control and ability to invest is amazing.

The passion in them is so fiercely restrained that it is enough until old age. However, from time to time they explode, more at a middle age or closer to old age. Scorpions with an ascendant in Capricorn bring anxiety to a nursing home, discovering suddenly that this is completely inappropriate for them. They have to withstand many attacks and ill-will.

People do not understand what is happening in them. They are a mystery to others; If a crime is committed nearby, they are suspected first of all of them. And in this external hostility they are partly to blame for themselves, because they do not compromise: for this they are very good, they do not need it. If they are not accepted as such, what they are, they go their own way, then it’s better they do not get in the way. They do not forget while they are alive.

If they are in their place, they reach an outstanding one: when they say, they only wave their hands, but if they do not speak, then they harbor resentment. But they do not conceal their own evil. They are just sad, but they are what they are, they find it difficult to reconcile with this. They do not want to accept fate as fate.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

The person born under this combination of signs is distinguished by rigidity, uncompromising and resolute. People feel that you better not mind, because you still infuse on your own. You do not seem repulsive or ruthless, although you can be that way. Once you have decided on something, you are adamantly striving for the goal. You do not admit the thought of failure, and in case of defeat your pride suffers so much that you can even get sick.

You are popular, and friendship means a lot to you. You seek to protect those you love, and refuse to give up, even when life becomes very difficult, the need for struggle only inspires you. Power has for you an attractive force. Although you are shy in the presence of strangers, in the circle of friends you are relaxed and sociable. You forgive, but never forget resentment, you are a great friend, but also a ruthless enemy.

You may have many brothers and sisters, and they will give you a lot of trouble. With some of your relatives there may be some kind of secret grief. The father is disposed to you hostile and can repair a variety of obstacles, especially in connection with your marriage. Your abilities are slow, so it’s never too late for you to take on a new job or find a new hobby. You will live to a very old age.

Dark Side of the Sign

You, like a typhoon, sweep away all obstacles in your way, sparing no one you prefer to influence people from the position of strength, and not through persuasion. For you, courtesy is a manifestation of weakness. You are convinced that you are a stronghold of power. When people refuse to admit their guilt to you, but life does not want to bend under your pressure, you do not want to admit that they are themselves to blame for something, and are looking for solace in alcohol. This can be your usual reaction to any problem that confronts you, and you will ignore the warnings of friends and family.

Love and Family

Love intrigues you. Your hobbies, as well as the love affairs of other people, cause your keen interest. It is difficult for you to feel relaxed in the presence of people of the opposite sex. You are a master to find out all sorts of misunderstandings between people and, as a rule, you make a wonderful parent and a devoted spouse, except that it is too serious. Behind the mask of your severity lies a man capable of great feeling, although you are ready to give love to not everyone.

You can be attuned negatively to marriage, but at the same time you can marry very early or repeatedly. Your romantic relationship is fraught with all sorts of complications, such as the presence of rivals and sudden changes. One of your partners may be an obstacle for you to achieve the main life goal. You may have several children, and you will put great hopes on them. Probably, it will negatively affect both your children and yourself. And, at last, additional complications in your life can be brought by relatives from the side of the spouse.

Career and Money

You need to have a goal in life that you can strive for. You are particularly good at working in a team. You have a remarkable ambition and boldness that will help you in outstanding accomplishments. But even when you achieve your goal, you will feel dissatisfaction with life. Your financial well-being depends on how much personal effort you put in to achieve it, as well as from the help of friends and family support. You probably can get lucky in the game on the stock exchange. Your enterprise and energy always bring you profit. The desire to take a good position in life and satisfy your ambitions is greatly affected by the influence of your spouse. Remember, in life it’s never too late to change everything.

Health and Immunity

Your notorious depression can cause very great harm, as they directly affect your health. Find a way to get distracted from problems or look at them from the side. You are prone to colds, constipation, rheumatism of the joints of the hands, fingers and knees, stomach neurosis, mental disorders, and, perhaps, falls. You can get sick while on a trip. Persistently try to overcome your tendency to hypochondria.

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