Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Gemini

The character of a person with the Sun in Scorpio and the ascendant in Gemini passionately appeals to others, they are embraced by their task and want to pass it on to others! They are so tense that you can be afraid of nervous overexertions. One feels a real enthusiasm for work; They take on difficult tasks, spare no effort, and produce a convincing impression in their place.

Their reaction is sharp, and they always want to say more. Scorpions with an ascendant in Gemini want to remain independent, they define their own task, but they are also able to get involved in the mass movement. In essence, these are outsiders who are eager to be accepted into society. For this they are ready to pay the reinforcement and diligence to overstrain.

Their actions are quite serious; They should not just speak out too much, they tend to kindle a dispute. They struggle to restrain themselves with difficulty; They consider themselves serious, humor even if it is manifested at all, turns out to be rather evil and this leaves traces in others, they make enemies of themselves, whom they themselves passionately reproach.

Their letters are small revolutionary appeals. If they do not succeed, they find a new goal for distant countries. Because everything must go forward, to the very limits of their stability. They are restless until the end.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

Scorpio with an ascendant in Gemini — a tangle of contradictions. You seem flexible, simple and humane, although if you get to know each other, it turns out that you are much more complicated than you seem at first glance, and it’s not easy to understand you. You can, apparently, for no reason cease to be interested in things or people to whom you have just paid great attention. You have a lot of interests, you are very inquisitive.

You are sociable, especially if your conversation touches on your favorite topic, but become withdrawn and nervous if you are forced to communicate. Your family has many secrets and problems, although relatives are usually well-off and have good connections in the community. If you have brothers or sisters, they will succeed very much in life. It’s hard for you to get on with your father, but usually you are the source of your failures.

Dark Side of the Sign

Your feelings are strong, but they rarely last long. People are initially overwhelmed by your sudden changes in the relationship, but soon they get used to not taking you seriously, which makes you very upset. You are able to argue heatedly, adhering to one point of view, and then suddenly you can change it. Hardly this way you can achieve success. You also randomly scatter your energy in different directions. You, like a grasshopper, who constantly jumps back and forth. If you do not grow wiser, then you will become a laughingstock for your friends.

Love and Family

You need a partner who could share your interests, not tied to the house and is able at any time to change their environment. In you both the tender affection and the passionate impulse coexist. You tease and flirt, but you rarely take yourself seriously. No matter how passionate you are, someone will soon emerge who will be a new challenge to your charm, and you will strive for his conquest. In your hobbies you are guided first of all by reason, so that you are capable of calculating actions.

You are lucky in everything, but you will have many changes, which will significantly affect the people of the opposite sex. With your love intrigues, many mysteries are connected. In a marriage you are waiting for the loss and disappointment associated with your love, which extends not only to the spouse. This combination of signs favors marriage; Perhaps you will connect your life with a foreigner or live with your spouse abroad. You will not have many children, they will be lucky in life, and they will be attracted by the sphere of fine arts. Complications in life will be associated with secret love relationships, but you will always find a way to get out of the water.

Career and Money

You are original and inventive, you are attracted by literature, science and art. You are a connoisseur of law, trade and are good at negotiating. You can expect that you will take a good position in life and will have two professions. You should learn to direct your energy to specific things, otherwise you will simply lose it because of lack of determination or inclination to do many things at the same time. This combination of signs promises success, which, however, you can destroy yourself by your actions or way of thinking. You are smart and will be an influential person in the circles of professionals. You can also very excel in the service or health care, as well as in working with animals.

Health and Immunity

Excessive activity often leads to nervous exhaustion. You need to often go out in the fresh air, get enough sleep and observe moderation in food. You can suffer from gall bladder diseases, fevers and be prone to poisoning. Probable neural and pulmonary diseases, especially if you have dark hair. On travel, you should beware of hypothermia, which can lead to illness.

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