Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Leo

The character of a person with the Sun in Scorpio and the Ascendant in Leo, with all the emphasis on his individual core, reveals something majestic in behavior. They are demanding, they are always ready. They are confident in themselves, they consider themselves irreplaceable, thinking that you will not find the second such copy in the world.

But at the same time, proceeding from this, they are always ready to take up business, they do not need anything for nothing, they are trying to offer something themselves. You should not wait to be told about you that you misappropriated others’ achievements. Their pride is great, but justified.

Scorpions with an ascendant in Leo struggle against their own weaknesses, make efforts more than average; They struggle against their own base instincts, and if they succeed, they demand the same from others — but only when they can show how this is done. So they never evasive, they are always at the forefront.

They want to manifest themselves in their fullness, first of all — in their passion, which fills life. In their love there is also something majestic. Flirting remains just a flirtation. In partnership, there can not be deviations, it is better to disperse. Life seems to be an eternal struggle. In which you have to win all the time all over again; So they are always ready to enter into it and go deeper. At the same time, they can whisper something that repels many.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

Although you are ambitious, a career and the tension associated with it, take a secondary place in relation to your personal life. You have correctly judged that to enjoy success alone is the same as drinking alone. You are a sociable person, but you prefer to receive guests at home and reluctantly go on a long journey in search of entertainment. When you were a child, your parents had to push you to independence. You have a proud and sensitive soul. A sidelong glance or an evil word very much injures you, and although you prefer to hide your pain, it is unlikely that you will forget the offense or refuse to take revenge.

In general, you are sociable and benevolent, you are a wonderful friend, generous and devoted. If trouble comes, you are the first to rush to the rescue. At times, you can be arrogant, but always cool and hold on confidently. You love everything bright and beautiful. You can flare up when you are provoked, but your anger does not last long. You are distinguished by the persistence of the views that you express in a categorical tone, and all the affairs you are working on are brought to a logical conclusion, no matter how great the risk associated with the case may be. The father plays an important role in your life, there could be enmity between you and he could appear to some extent the cause of your failures in life. Among women in high position, there may be secret enemies, although they overestimate their ability to harm you.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are lazy and apathetic, absolutely not interested in making even a small effort to achieve something in life, and always go on the path of the least resistance. Nevertheless, you hold on tightly to what you already have. You demand flattery and approval. If you do not find this in the big world, you calm down by remaining a large fish in a shallow pond. If you can not meet your ambitions, you can play a gentleman in the home circle.

You are full of unconditional confidence in your judgments, despite the fact that again and again it turns out that they are wrong. You practically do not lead any social life, because you do not want to get out of your comfortable chair in front of the TV. You are also incredibly slovenly, so much that you can drown in a pile of rubbish along with your precious throne.

Love and Family

You have great sexual appetites, and in every hobby you put all your heart and soul. Your partner should remember that with the help of flattery you can achieve everything. Probably, you will have two marriages, and from both spouses there will be children. You will have many children, although (if you are a woman) the first pregnancy can be unsuccessful. You can have twins, especially if you marry Aquarius. When children grow up, disagreements will arise between them. Probably, both you and your children will inherit.

Career and Money

You can succeed in trade, transport, communications, journalism or television, and even in medicine. In work, you are very patient and achieve success through perseverance and endurance. You are endowed with many talents, which often favor activities in the field of art or in the public service. You are attracted to the world of theater, you have poetic abilities. Wealth will come to you through personal efforts, as well as with the help of relatives who hold a good social position. Losses are threatening because of family troubles. You can also succeed in trade in household goods and clothing. Whatever your specialty, you will find many trips.

Health and Immunity

You either shine with health, or constantly, you sit on the sick leave sheet. Hostile and inharmonious surroundings, hurt pride and rejected love — all this can have a detrimental effect on your well-being. The best medicine for you is peace, love and harmony. The main diseases affected by people born under this combination of signs affect the back and heart area. It can also be rheumatism, blood and bone disease. A little care for yourself will bring great benefits to your health.

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