Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Libra

The character of the person with the Sun in Scorpio and the Ascendant in Libra is liked by those around them, their unchanging person bribes. One feels a desire for harmony, but also a desire to be unforgettable. Each of them wants to leave his mark, wants to know what he lived for.

Scorpios with an Ascendant in Libra want to achieve their own, achieve something, reach the limits — without going beyond the limits of tact. This inner boundlessness to get along with others gives them many opportunities; They act on people magnetically, the surrounding people want to penetrate into them in character. At first impression they are harmonious, but at a distance are cold.

However, when a spark breaks out, I will not be held, harmony — remember, as the name, only feeling and passionate desire remain, life is experienced in full, with all its tasks. In everyday life everything is tried in balance, they know how to be patient, they know how to wait. But if it seemed that the last steamer had already left, they could jump on any boat, even if it threatened to roll over. Then they stand behind the wheel and are ready to fight with the elements.

So the appearance here does not correspond to the true essence; Usually the mask keeps well, but at least once in a lifetime this character shows itself, because the view is not his business, for this he is too involved and identified, and, in fact, lives, too tense.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

The world for you is a deeply rooted need. You love communication, are pleasant, polite and kind to others. Although you are very quick-tempered, you quickly calm down. You are a born diplomat and try to please everyone at once. Not knowing which way to choose in life, you occupy a wait-and-see attitude and try to catch where the wind will blow, and then follow where everyone goes.

You love diversity, especially in art and literature. You are also quite pragmatic, appreciate your talents and always worry about making your efforts worth appreciating. These qualities, combined with your love of beauty, make you an exceptionally successful collector. You are subject to constant mood swings and are always either in high spirits or in extreme despondency.

You have many brothers or sisters, or you will marry a person from a large family. You can have a lot of disagreements with relatives, it will even come to court. The father is a source of grief and loss for you, perhaps because of his great failures in life. You can often argue with him, which also has a detrimental effect on you. You will achieve success at home, in your hometown.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are sexy, but heartless and will remain so until old age. About your sexual exploits there are legends, but in reality you are a fickle and useless lover. The truth is that you care about yourself much more than about others. Even at its best, you are indiscriminate red tape, a connoisseur of how to take obviously more than what you can give. You are as firm and reliable as a piece of paper, and you care only about your own interests. You marry to satisfy your lust and continue the adventures immediately after the end of the honeymoon. As for money, compared to you, a miser is a sample of generosity. Why waste your own money, when can they be asked for or borrowed? It’s not surprising that you have a wide circle of acquaintances, but few real friends, since someone who gets to know you better immediately scatters that there are forces, and who will condemn him for it?

Love and Family

Love is very important to you and even in old age you rarely lose interest in the opposite sex. The danger is that you tend to get carried away by the first person who comes across, which will seem attractive to you. Sexual games are an important part of your life, as they give it tastes and awaken in you a hunter instincts. A person who wants to lay their hands on you, will always see your eyes and think as if you are standing effort to scour the sides of which he spends on you. Your appetites are large, and although the passion that you feel sincere and absorbs you completely, it does not last long. Your family life is threatened by unhappiness, maybe even a divorce. Your spouse is likely to be well-endowed man, and you get rich, getting an unexpected inheritance. Your children will be successful in all their endeavors and will bring you great satisfaction in life. They will become your best support in old age.

Career and Money

Your propensity to accumulate can allow you to choose a profession in the field of finance, for example, accounting or banking. You will also make a fine collector. You are inventive and have abilities in the field of designing and decorating rooms. You quickly learn new things, you are attracted by art and business. A profession that will bring you success is likely to be associated with liquids. Under this combination of signs, many winemakers, chemists, doctors and sailors were born. You are waiting for losses due to disagreements or the death of a business partner. Be very careful when signing contracts. Your work will be connected with people, you can often make long trips. Your situation in life overshadows the instability, so that honor and success will not be permanent. Friends and patrons will come from noble families, and, unexpectedly, from the artistic environment or from the world of professionals.

Health and Immunity

By nature, you have strong health, but when you are upset, your nerves suffer and this affects the physical condition. When you are overworked, you should rest a lot, keep to a diet and develop your abilities for poetry, music or art. Vulnerable organs — liver, kidneys, veins. You are prone to diseases affecting the foot area and intestines. A little care for yourself and prudence, and you will be able to maintain excellent health.

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