Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Pisces

A person with the Sun in Scorpio and an ascendant in Pisces can, remaining an individual person, adapt well and adjust to the environment. They almost imperceptibly achieve their own, quickly achieve a special position, turn out to be accepted in the circle of neighbors, although they support the distance.

They are doing well, they often have strong religious orientations, in any case they are profound and thorough. They are exploring with great perseverance, they want to reach the last bases on earth. And they know that — depending on the level, of course - they want to solve the secrets of this world if they are gifted enough. But perhaps another character aspiration to reveal secrets: it can be a detective who for years unravels a long-deferred affair.

Scorpions with an ascendant in Pisces can look for criminals who have long been assured of their safety: such a detective instinctively waits for his time, the right moment, and the moment comes. Only if they become impatient, too personally entangled, do they make mistakes, but these are exceptions. Usually, along with the seventh sense, they have a cunning way; They know how to skillfully deceive the enemy, each one gets into their traps.

Their very individual way of life should not be measured by the standard of burghers; The opinion of others does not interest them. Sometimes they look somewhat uneducated, or snobbish, but this is mostly deceptive. They have great powers, so that soon after exhaustion they are here again. They are too early to be discounted.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

Both signs are connected with water, therefore your moods and emotions, like sea waves, constantly fluctuate. You are a loving person, you have a rich imagination and artistry, you may seem unperturbed, but passions are in your soul. You are in for a lot of trouble because you can not be at rest, mental or physical.

You are constantly in search of something new and you can even emigrate after you get married. Your career can well be realized abroad. You are a romantic and an idealist; With you it is difficult to get along, since you make too high demands on people. You have a rich imagination, and in your head strange ideas are born all the time, with which you can simply torture yourself. You are kind, fair and generous, have an acute mind and a penchant for contemplation and poetry.

You love to enjoy all the benefits of life, but rarely do it at the expense of others. You probably come from a large family, and your relatives will help you a lot. Your parents may be failures. Family property can be divided, and not in your favor. Your mother may be married twice.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are completely at the mercy of your emotions and imagination. Being a pessimist by nature, you expect disappointments, and they will not slow to appear, as you yourself bring them to yourself, entering into unnecessary relationships and indulging in unrealistic ambitions. You do not follow the basic rules of life or try to win back on weaker people. Despite the fact that you are convinced of the opposite, you are not such an outstanding personality, and the only way out for you is to understand this and direct your energy to more realistic goals. If you do not, you will drown in drunkenness and significantly reduce your chances of success.

Love and Family

You live an intense inner life and have an inescapable love for everything. You need a spouse who will provide you with a reliable rear and will be loving and romantic, as you wish. You will probably get married twice and take a lot of trouble in your marriage. One of the spouses will be a very troubled person, and his relatives will be able to hurt you very much. However, you will most likely get an inheritance. You will have many children, who are waiting for many changes and good luck in life, they will travel a lot.

Career and Money

You will succeed in all matters connected with abroad: in travel, import, export, etc., you may be attracted by jurisprudence or teaching work. You can win fame and fortune in art, science or literature. You will make a wonderful writer, you have an unusually creative and lively mind. You will have many interests, and each of them you are able to successfully implement. Well-being you will achieve by your own efforts, you will have two professions. Either way, you will achieve great success.

Health and Immunity

You can be a little painful, but if you pay enough attention to yourself, you can enjoy good health. Vulnerable areas are the feet and eyes. Care should be taken when handling hot and sharp objects. Women can also suffer from gynecological diseases. Your health is in your hands.

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