Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Sagittarius

A person with the Sun in Scorpio and an ascendant in Sagittarius owns his inner fire with complete external self-control. However, at every step you feel that you are standing next to a barrel of gunpowder, an explosion that is unpredictable. If the internal core is affected, self-control refuses. They are always stretched like an onion; When they shoot an arrow, they definitely fall, including in someone else’s heart; If they want it.

If they want to win a partner, they win. They are chasing the beast until it is surrounded on all sides and does not give up so readily, as if only waiting for this moment. This protracted opposition is accepted with pleasure, especially when it comes to erotica; A premonition of victory deepens the pleasure.

Everything that concerns them personally has a taste of sportiness, so that the point of the sword is closed with a tip, and much softens. They know how to enjoy life, but they are responsible for it. They do not need gratitude, they are enraged with flattery, they are not tempted. At the same time, they feel weak points and hidden shortcomings.

Scorpions with an ascendant in Sagittarius are happy to hunt, both in the literal sense, and in general in life. But they do not want to kill, but only to catch game. They do not know fatigue, but their lives are always messy. They fall out of the norm, but they are not too worried about them, for what is the norm.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

You are freedom-loving and independent. Although sometimes you can seem very frivolous and unperturbed, in fact you are very deep in nature. It shows up only if you get to know each other. Despite a certain indifference, all the emotions that pierce the Scorpion remain with you. You just prefer to save them for those who won your love and trust. This happens infrequently, because you treat other people with caution and suspicion (as well as to yourself). Such an attitude is fraught with errors, although you are struggling to avoid them.

You are guided by instincts, and if you obey the voice of intuition, then everything works out for you. You are a contradictory nature, you believe in independence for everyone, except for those you care about. In this case, your jealousy comes to the fore, and although you realize that you are exhibiting a proprietary attitude, you simply can not cope with yourself. You are not very lucky in your youth, there are some problems with your parents. You have several brothers and sisters who bring you grief. Nevertheless, your relatives are friendly towards you. You are tormented by some secret grief associated with your father or the father of your spouse, and this imposes on you some limitations that you find it difficult to bear. After thirty years, your situation will become more stable, probably when you reach agreement with yourself.

Dark Side of the Sign

You absolutely do not know how to treat people. You are indifferent and cold when you need to show concern and sympathy. You are unthinkably jealous and behave like a proprietor even when you have no right to it. You can not make contact with others, because you do not know how to choose the right moment for communication. Listen to the voice of your intuition, but do not think that this is a practical way to solve all life problems. You constantly misinterpret the words of other people, disconcerting them, and yourself. After a while you will turn into an embittered recluse taking advantage of every opportunity to take revenge on your imaginary ill-wishers. You can become cruel and heartless without realizing that by harming other people, you are harming yourself.

Love and Family

Your frank behavior can cause you a lot of trouble. You admit to your new partner that you have been loved before, and say that this time you can love yourself. The ideal partner for you would be a person with the same temperament and character as you, but you are not looking for such people, but instead succumb to the charm of charm, and you are again disappointed. This can result in the fact that you will seek to communicate only with those who can not claim your freedom, and make lovers (or mistresses) only married, and this is a habit that is difficult to get rid of. Probably, you will marry more than once, one of them will greatly affect your position and well-being. You will have few children, and between you will not be much sympathy. It is possible that you will not communicate with one of your children. Your family and marriage will be threatened by detractors, although, usually you will be to blame for this.

Career and Money

You like to dig up to the very origins of any question, so you will make a wonderful scientist-researcher, for example. You like to be alone and selflessly engaged in studying and exploring something. Success will come from personal effort, in addition, you can get an inheritance. In adolescence, you will find many obstacles, but in later years you will finally be lucky. You will have two professions, and your friends will be very helpful to your promotion. Your career will be solid and fruitful.

Health and Immunity

You try to be always on the move and therefore you are always in good physical shape. You usually overload your body and rarely give it the opportunity to relax. Find time to relax. If you exclude accidents, then you can hope to live to a very old age. Your vulnerabilities are throat, ears, bronchi. You are also susceptible to sciatica, rheumatism and varicose veins. But none of these ailments will not seriously affect your health. Call for help common sense, and everything will be in order.

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