Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Scorpio

The character of a man with the Sun in Scorpio and the ascendant in Scorpio is very strange, it simultaneously attracts and repels others. Here we are talking about extremes that converge, here there are great sympathies and great antipathies; Prevailing, however, the latter.

These people have great power, they often win, especially in their youth, they have a certain magnetism that strongly affects the opposite sex — but who can meet their demands! If there are two different sizes — you have to call the police. So in the end, only loneliness can remain.

Scorpions with an ascendant in Scorpio almost all take terribly seriously, and they can not help it. They go deeper into their tasks to the point that they forget themselves in the business, but at the same time something comes out of it. They often dress exquisitely, inexpensively, but effectively — or simply, but so that only a connoisseur will notice the price.

They do everything entirely; If they eat, then with a wolfish appetite, if they drink, then with greed, if they like, then until the last second. Everything flares up like a spark; They dare even to what they can not do. Many want to participate in their power, but many of them bleed in a direct, as in a figurative sense. They do not exercise self-control, so they constantly shock the world. In their heart, one can hardly find peace, but they do not notice it.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

You are a real Scorpio: strong, passionate, powerful and possessing personal magnetism. Such an expressive personality can not be overlooked, and people find you irresistible and captivating. Strict, but kind, you are a whole and devoted nature. You are generous and tend to dominate people and situations not only from personal gain, but also for the common good.

You are indefatigable in your pursuit of real goals or ideal and can achieve outstanding success. But often this will be a difficult task. You do not know restraint either in pleasure or in work, it can cause different problems and even illnesses. It is unlikely that you come from a large family, and may well be the only child. No doubt, your father treated you very well, but in his life he was followed by failure. Your relatives love you and are interested in your well-being, although, probably, at the age of about thirty years you will lose friends.

Dark Side of the Sign

There are no half-tones in Scorpio. You are like a volcano, ready to explode, and people try to walk very carefully when you are nearby. They know well how vengeful you can be, and try not to get in your way. Some people appreciate getting to know you, but it’s doubtful that you ever had a real friend. Although you enjoy your strength, but is not it betters to feel loved?

As for love, people avoid you, because your tendency to dominate can barely be tolerated. You can not understand this and leave on your life path a lot of broken ties, maybe even a divorce. So enjoy your kingdom of terror until it collapses, because soon you can remain alone.

Love and Family

You are romantic, passionate, sensual and able to love. But you do not spend these qualities on casual communications, but protect for those who have won your love and respect. Jealousy is an integral part of your nature, and the one who marries you will soon find that, no matter how much assurance of loyalty he has given you, this will always be not enough. You will probably marry more than once, and your first union will be overshadowed by all sorts of difficulties. You must have many children, sometimes even twins. They will marry early, although in connection with them you can expect some kind of secret sorrow. You will have many love connections, because you find it difficult to resist your attraction to love. A companion of your life, just like his relatives, will provide you with money. You are not the person who can live alone for a long time.

Career and Money

You have great criticality and an unquenchable thirst to discover the secret sides of being. These abilities will help you become a wonderful researcher in the field of occult sciences, a chemist, a philosopher or even a detective. You can also be involved in such areas as medicine, exploration and mining, or such professions where you need a uniform, such as a policeman. Your independent nature is suitable for any work with a free schedule. You are interested in sailing and work in the government. Your financial situation is not stable, in your youth you will experience failures in this respect, but later years will bring prosperity. Materially you will succeed in matters connected with foreign countries and with the law. Difficulties, in the end, will end, and you will achieve the status in society, and your hard work will be rewarded in full.

Health and Immunity

You are passionately devoted to work and pleasure, so you are the cause of your illnesses. You should beware of gallbladder disease, inflammation, poisoning and fever. Careless handling of sharp or hot objects inevitably fraught with trauma. The part of the body is vulnerable, the right arm, and the head will always be bruised and cut. You should protect your eyes, also prone to injury and infection. If you force yourself to restrain your unbridled nature, then there is no reason why you should not enjoy excellent health.

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