Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Taurus

A person born with the Sun in Scorpio and an ascendant in Taurus is full of sensitive passion. At first, they are harmless, they begin the meeting as though by the way, but suddenly they attack the other, seize them with all their fascination and absorb. Behind their external friendliness hides aggression. They want to conquer, and the traps in which they lure others are very skilfully arranged.

Scorpions with an ascendant in Taurus can passionately become attached to another, and love with all depth. At first, they like others, but soon they recoil, saying: "He will eat me with giblets!". Their life beliefs are very objective, but within themselves are coordinated.

They would give themselves up to passion, completely losing themselves if they did not leave the secret back door, well hidden, opening the way for them to return to reality. However, this character is threatened with blindness by love. Then for them there are no obstacles, and if the partner deceives them, it so hurts them to the depth that they never forget it and think about revenge. Their feelings are open passion — lights.

But as a matter of fact it is — singles, that associates understand it perfectly. Their egoism is vividly expressed, although at the same time it is artfully hidden. They are so directly capturing a partner that he at first feels flattered and does not notice that he is already in the cage. True, it can be a golden cage!

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

You are constant, practical and stubborn, all this can indicate an independent nature. Nevertheless, to succeed in life, you need a partner. This you must clearly understand, although in the soul you can and do not agree with this. In relationships with people, you aspire to take the dominant position. You are completely devoted to work, entertainment and know how to appreciate all the benefits of life. You know exactly what you want, and you are rarely visited by doubts. In most cases, you get what you want.

You are a practical person and believe that you need to live within your means. You are stubborn, it is difficult to anger you, but you are just as difficult and calmer. You are vindictive and remember your offense for a long time. By temperament, you are a calm person, but are able to experience strong feelings. You are always on guard of your property and very ambitious. You must have wonderful parents, especially a father. Probably, he occupies a high social position. Relations between relatives are not very good, especially for your brothers and sisters. Although your life flows peacefully and peacefully, there may be problems associated with the stagnation of your outlook on life and the reluctance to tolerate change.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are so stubborn and stubborn that trying to move you from your position is like pushing a tank with your hands. Persuading or coaxing you - a waste of time. When life becomes too cruel to you, you tend to compensate for your failure with food, you absorb everything that comes to hand. The golden mean is not your style, it’s not surprising that you often cause your own bad health. In love, you are impossible and would be perfectly capable of keeping your loved ones locked up, like in prison, if you knew that you will be able to escape punishment for it. And so you keep them on as short a leash, which they at the first opportunity would be happy to break off and run away from you far away. Who could condemn them for that?

Love and Family

You are capable of exceptionally faithful and long love, and your faithfulness is able to withstand all the trials, including even neglect. You fall in love all your life. You need to constantly see the object of your adoration, and for this you use any pretext. Ill-wishers can break your marital happiness. Probably, your spouse will be prone to seclusion, so you will rarely go out together. Your children will help you financially; The elder, especially if it is a boy, will need careful care in the first two years of life. Your children will be a source of satisfaction for you, they will receive higher education or succeed in art. From time to time between you there will be quarrels and there will be various kinds of complications.

Career and Money

You would make a good intermediary, manager or partner. You are fond of science, agriculture, gardening. You can also be attracted by science; Art, literature or work in higher educational institutions. You are a diligent worker paying attention to small details. You will achieve some financial success, although you can expect losses due to litigation, unemployment, or secret love relationships. You can suddenly get a golden shower, you will get financial benefits through someone’s love, and also with the help of friends. In youth, your situation will be unstable, but later through successful acquaintances and connections you will straighten your affairs.

Health and Immunity

Disease can be the result of excessive hobbies, both work and pleasure. Your natural energy should be channeled into a constructive channel, or it will burn you from within. Other dangers are laziness, indulgence to their weaknesses, gluttony and drunkenness. Diseases probably affect the liver, kidneys, throat, and in women — the ovaries. There is also a possibility of diabetes.

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