Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Virgo

The character of a man with the Sun in Scorpio and an Ascendant in Virgo tries to inscribe himself in the order of the surrounding world. They discipline themselves, but reason seems to them always somewhat artificial, directed against their primordial essence. Their minds are always illumined, they seek new knowledge, they crave knowledge and mental development. Many reactions seem violent and explosive.

Scorpions with an ascendant in Virgo struggle to separate themselves from others. Their pent-up passion is threatening to turn into fanaticism all the time. The life of the feelings seems to be repressed, but it gives a lot of weight, because others feel the power of the called mind. They always behave as if they are waiting for a trial, for which a special case is needed.

They do not leave untested any opportunity to put themselves, often while they are going through a crisis. If others do not treat them unfairly, they come into conflict with all and believe that they are fighting for a just cause. They do not understand that "they" are not "all", that others may be different from them.

This confrontation can last a lifetime, because there is always something against which they howl. They are able to protect the convicted murderer just to see what else can happen. Despite their self-control, they bring anxiety to others; They are covered in skepticism, and they feel something mysterious.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

You are very receptive and always know what you should do. You clearly notice all the details, and from this often depends on the success or failure. You are a born critic, which can make life difficult for you and for your relatives. You can be dispassionate and cold.

You make a fine friend, but a ruthless enemy. You do not have enough sense of proportion, and you can attach too much importance to small things. But basically you are kindhearted, modest, prone to solitude and pleasant in communication.

You can trust a person and open up to him when you feel that he deserves it, otherwise it’s difficult for others to understand you. In your youth you could be very sick or with you, accidents happen. In general, there is not much sympathy between members of your family. There are also some family secrets, and your father can marry twice.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are always on the move and constantly find an excuse for unrest. When life flows smoothly and there are no problems, you can quite invent them yourself. It’s not surprising that you often experience stresses that are harmful to your health. You are a professional hypochondriac, and all your cabinets and boxes are packed with preventive means and vitamins. Friends and colleagues genuinely mock your huge set of multi-colored tablets, but you approach health issues very seriously. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being always healthy and vigorous, but is it necessary to impose your way of life on everyone around you? Have not you realized yet that you were terribly tired of your constant attempts to impose your habits? No, of course, they did not understand.

Love and Family

You have a strong desire to serve others, and you need a good and understanding partner. Sex is not very important to you, and it’s hard for you to express your love with words. Love affairs bring frustration, and you will certainly marry twice or have a lover (lover) secretly from your spouse. In a marriage, there are problems and disputes, and probably there will be some mystery related to your partner. You will have few children, and it will be difficult for you to educate them; They will not marry early or easily. Besides, some kind of love story will bring into your life someone’s hatred, as a result of which the child will suffer.

Career and Money

Since your goal is perfection, you become a real workaholic. There are more systems in your head than in a computer, and it gives you pleasure to invent more and more. Nevertheless, you sometimes get so bogged down in details that you do not even have enough time to get the money owed to you for your work. You love land, gardening, humanities, literature, history and theater. Your speech is beautiful and convincing. You are able to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge with equal success. You will be a person of average security, and the money will get to you with hard work. In youth, you will not be successful, and fortune will smile at you only in adulthood. You can succeed in trade, travel and tourism, communications, transportation and advertising.

Health and Immunity

Scorpio is a strong sign. Disease is often the result of overwork at work and too much concentration on practical issues. But you rarely get sick seriously, as you regularly exercise and take care of your diet. Vulnerable — the intestine. You are prone to such diseases as flatulence, dyspepsia, eczema and allergies. I would strongly advise you to find out exactly what food or its individual ingredients have a negative effect on your body.

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