Sun in Taurus — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of Taurus Sun and Aquarius Moon signs produces an affable personality and an easy, friendly manner that makes it easy for you to meet and deal with strangers. You know instinctively how to get along with people. This conceals a core of hard purpose and solid convictions. Your charming manner and pleasant demeanor draws others to you like a magnet, and you can achieve your ends with diplomacy and friendly persuasion. You are, likewise, very tolerant of people and always very interested in them, albeit in a rather detached way. Sometimes you are even too quick to trust the untrustworthy, because you are so prone to have an initial sense of faith in others. Few can live up to your code of treating other people as you would like to have them treat you. Your major motivating power or personal drive stems from your deep feelings. You can feel deeply about things, yet because of an impersonal quality in your external personality, you are seldom likely to go overboard because of emotional pressures. You know how to control and wisely direct your feelings making them work for you in human relationships. You have an excellent, very studious mind, curious and inventive. You have an innate ability to work well with colors and forms and may have a good deal of artistic talent. You do not ask for much in a material sense, and thus, you may not achieve a great deal in this regard. Strangely, inertia can be your only enemy. You possess a good deal of self-esteem that will aid you in attaining much in life. Though shrewd in business, your honor never deserts you. Your friendliness and ability to put people at ease can prove to be your greatest asset for success and attainment.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

Adaptability and originality moderate everything that you approach. You have a hard time making firm emotional ties with others. You try to stay neutral and objective about everything all the time so you can have a front of being different than others. You are never considered as self-important because you are kind, generous and thoughtful to others. You might feel that you have a special purpose in life like other Taurus-Aquarians do. You look almost like a visionary or prophet and seem to have a special soul. This look is in addition to your Taurus look of the strong, determined and sensual type.

You do not merely dream of doing things. You do them. You know yourself well because of self-contemplation, so you are able to communicate well with others. It is a situation of the proverbial “Know Thyself” that was made famous by Socrates and others. Psychology, sociology and politics are just a few of the many areas where your solid knowledge of your own essence can be applied. Social scientists as well as members of the scientific community at large have individuals of this combination.

You generally work inside the system because you are, in reality, a mainstream person at heart, even though you see yourself as a maverick. For the most part this is kind of a pragmatic decision because it works as a rule. Before undertaking a project of any kind, you have a tendency to do things like take care of monetary resources, because you are ever security conscious like most Taurus people. A gift or legacy to the human race is actually something many Taurus-Aquarius people worry about and hope to accomplish. Examples of this going badly, are Nikolai Lenin and Machiavelli.

You are very flexible and accepting of your romantic partner in spite of being a bit possessive. You are inventive and imaginative in your love life as with life in general. You tend to have a large sense of your own importance because both of your signs are fixed and this means you are determined and confident. When things do not go as you planned, you can become temperamental and difficult, because of your fixed sign aspect. Angry explosions are possible and often irregular and uncalled for, even though you put forward this appearance of being in command most of the time.

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