Sun in Taurus — Moon in Gemini

The combination of Taurus Sun and Gemini Moon signs gives an affinity for sociability, and a definite air of simple pleasantness marks your personality. The contrasting elements of slowness of Taurus and speed of Gemini generally produces a Taurus person more apt to make errors of judgment. The natural trait of stubbornness may still be present, but the Gemini Moon often shows a tendency to jump rather quickly to conclusions and the natural Taurus fixity is not nearly so apparent. But sometimes trouble can arise when you form a quick opinion and do hold to it, no matter what.

You are mentally alert, but apt to lack the great memory usually possessed by Taurus natives. There is an ever present tendency with this pairing to be too critical of other people. This is the most restless and fickle of the Taurus combinations. You may find yourself constantly jumping into friendships and romances, finding reasons why the other person is not right for you. Continuous challenge and stimulation is required to keep your undivided attention.

You need more education that most people because study and learning steadies your nature. Your capacity for attainment increases in direct ratio with your interest in study and education. Fortunately, your intellectual tendencies probably endow you with good abilities or talents. You’re apt to show especially good verbal skills: speaking and writing. With education you can be less restless and more contented. The mind is always needing something tangible and concrete with which to relate. Keeping yourself mentally busy is very important for you.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♊ Gemini Moon ☽

You need to share your opinions and emotions with others and this means that you are a very sociable person who enjoys the company of others. The fascination with the world around you, oddly enough, is something you may actually be too aware of. You are a born problem solver. When a problem appears, you are ready to deal with it. This combination of signs is pragmatic, worldly and energetic from Taurus, and logical, adaptable and humorous from Gemini. There exists within you an intuitive vision that is excellent and you do not let things slip by you.

Your acute observation skills allow you to recognize the fake and deceitful. The new and the exotic are among the things that catch your wide-ranging interests. It is not easy, however, for you to settle on something, whether it is a job, a romance or even a way of life, which permanently satisfies you. Popularity, in most cases, is guaranteed, however, a Taurus-Gemini has a charming and vibrant personality. The areas you know well enough to contribute to and provide innovations to are wide ranging. Psychology, because of your ability to analyze and understand things, is a possible profession.

Sigmund Freud, the founder of modern psychology, was a Taurus-Gemini. In addition, technical professions, research or even being a writer are also very real possibilities. Focus is what you need, because of your numerous opportunities. You are a bit moody and perhaps aggressive in your relationships. Your current projects are often left behind the minute you find something new. Errors and behavior patterns, in a somewhat childlike approach to the world, are often repeated and lessons learned slowly. Taking a close inventory of your past behavior and trying to discern when you have been at fault or gone wrong is a good idea.

Instead of allowing impulses and momentary fancies to control your life, learn from the past. Even though you are a Taurus, you know how to release your emotions and express yourself. This can lead to some issues in your life. For example, you can be rebellious, find fault and stir up trouble. You can become a complainer if all you do is examine your environment for the purpose of finding things that you do not like or want to change. This world is an imperfect place and to not realize that can bring nothing but disappointment.

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