Sun in Taurus — Moon in Leo

The combination of Taurus Sun and Leo Moon signs produces a strong determined will, well defined opinions, and a very forthright, honest, and fearless personality. There is much pride tied up in your nature. You respect others, but you listen to yourself and trust your personal abilities first and foremost. Not tending to rely on your intellect alone, you depend more on your hunches, and your key to success should be your high self-esteem. Creativity and pragmatism mark your nature, giving you an excellent sense of how things should be constructed, organized, or planned.

You are a good manager or boss, and people respond well to working for you. At your best you are persistent, sure and reliable. Personal confidence and pride can at times cause you to be domineering and inflexible in attitude, and you possess strong likes and dislikes. Because you are usually so steady and consistent, you rarely blow up. You can be critical, but in a fair and constructive way. Wanting things done your way, you don’t like to have your action very closely monitored or scrutinized, although you are not above doing this to others. Too your few close friends, you are trustworthy, honest, and devoted.

You seem to like or dislike people because of instinctive feelings about them rather than for matters you have reasoned out. This is a very fixed and stable personality, but in the early part of your life you probably had tendencies toward extremes. Throughout your life it will always be important for you to double check decisions and avoid overestimating possibilities because of confidence or pride. Behind the spirited, but pridefully impulsive qualities in your personality is a practical, solid, determined internal nature that serves you much better.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

You care deeply about the less fortunate even though you have a runaway ego and your spirit is so three dimensional that you can make the most depressed people come alive. Your own self-respect translates into respect coming from others. Because you believe in yourself and have confidence, you want to show others how valuing themselves can help them. You are uniquely outgoing and have a powerful character; probably more so than anyone you know. The admiration you get from others and the fact that they are in your social sphere is, you believe, something they are fortunate to share.

You exude optimism and excitement even though you might be eccentric, self-righteous and opinionated. One thing you are not is boring. You see things for yourself and have an ambitious and independent character. You are not in need of verification from others because of your belief in yourself. You stick to things and that includes your opinions. Intuition is often your guide, but it is generally correct. If you have decided on something, you refuse to change your mind. This can lead to inflexibility if you are not careful. An effort to keep an open mind is required.

Your judgment and actions must not be impaired by prejudices. Open your ears and listen to others. Attempt to be a little more humble and restrain your pride. In addition you are very practical. Fun for you entails at least a measure of showmanship and drama. This can take the most mundane activity and turn it into a Broadway play. Being noticed is the name of the game and you behave accordingly, replete with dress and the appropriate actions. While you have an inborn feeling of superiority, you are, at the same time, very compassionate, kind and generous to others.

You have a lot of determination and the motivation to follow through and reach your goals, because both your sun and moon signs are fixed. Compromising is another matter, and that is very difficult for you. Plainly put, it is your way or no way. Frustration brings your temper to a boil when you do not get what you want. Cooperation is always helpful, no matter how independent you are. A sense of conviviality when you work can bring out the tremendous creative power within you. And Taurus-Leo definitely has the potential for great innovation. There is a born show person in you and you love to utilize it.

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