Sun in Taurus — Moon in Libra

The combination of Taurus Sun and Libra Moon signs produces one of the most likable personalities in the Zodiac. Others may have more wit, ambition, or intellect, but none equal the charm and appeal of this combination. A nice home and a close family are your first loves; social contact and involvement, a close second. Your keen social personality is aided by a fine sense of humor and an easygoing outlook. This personality is marked with optimism, even if you’re up to your ears in private woes. Anyone that doesn’t like you is probably motivated by jealousy.

You are expressive and idealistic, your nature is inclined toward the dramatic and the artistic. Though your positive attitude allows you to accomplish a great deal when you settle down to work, when forced to face the world of fact and figures and engage in anything that restricts your creative talents, you can never really be happy. You can never handle conflict matters very well as you suffer from nervous tension when placed in a confrontation situation or hostility of any kind.

Your great sense of balance and harmony constantly protects you from ever go off the deep end. You may have a wide range of emotional responses from rapturous joy when you are happily with a special someone in a solid relationship, to almost going to pieces when you are confronted by hostility and forced to react to it.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♎ Libra Moon ☽

People are drawn to your charismatic personality, worldly common sense and sensitivity. Respect and equality are things that you give to all. Your signs show a just and fair individual on the Libra side and a wise person on the Taurus side. All Taurus-Libra people are thought of as being kind and decent. If you have difficulties, often the best way for you to handle them is by relaxing in natural surroundings. A beguiling and even-tempered person is the result of this double Venus sign combination. There is a special calmness about you that suggests serenity as well as peace.

Stress and anxiety are essentially unknown to you and this results in an elegant and extroverted personal magnetism. Hidden behind the smile is an uneasy tension. Socializing is of great significance to you because, as a native of the Moon in Libra, your vision of yourself is a result of how others perceive you. Fresh air and a country environment are just what you need when the tension and confusion of life become overwhelming. Due to your low threshold for tension, you require more relaxation and recreation than most people.

Your peer group has a significant influence on you, so it is very helpful to befriend those who work at success and fulfillment. Virgo and Capricorns are known for being ambitious types and being around them would be great. Stick to your goals and objectives and do not take the easy way out. You have a fantastic imagination and are very talented. Design, drama, and of the arts are real possibilities for excelling. Endless diversionary activities and entertainment are needed because you have an internal uneasiness that keeps you on the move.

The problem is that you do not have a good sense of direction in this regard. You need to establish priorities and goals that you stick to. The easygoing and pleasurable are your preference over the stress and tension in the modern and competitive world. This is true of all those ruled by Venus, but eliminating the challenging also diminishes the rewards. Your urge for the easy life often wins out over true self-fulfillment and the fact that you are determined enough and lucky enough to be successful at almost anything. A more assertive mindset is needed if you want to be successful in your profession.

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