Sun in Taurus — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Taurus Sun and Pisces Moon signs produces much creativity and imagination, but at the same time it creates a somewhat private dream life that may not have a firm grip on reality. Taurus gives you a restful or stable internal nature, but the Moon gives a rather changeable personality. Despite a need and desire for sympathy and affection, you may isolate yourself from others and maintain strong powers of restraint in relating your feelings. You are highly sensitive to emotional matters, impressionable to love and flattery.

You are somewhat susceptible to being imposed upon by friends and associates. Insights to people are continuous being formed and evaluated and the conclusions formed are generally accurate. It is important that you exercise discrimination in selecting your friends. The passive inclinations in your nature makes you inclined to attract imposition by others playing on your good nature and kind disposition. You take life seriously, but view things that are going on around you as though you were not part of the picture, and it is somewhat easy for you to lose sight of reality.

You can be extremely amiable when you permit yourself to respond to people in a spontaneous and natural manner. Because of this, you are a natural for romance that is always strong in your nature. You have a stubborn streak that can be a protective device and helpful, if you don’t let it become too powerful in your personality. A tendency toward overindulgence can cause you some problems at times; too much worry, food, sex, pleasure-seeking. Avoid brooding and feeling sorry for yourself. You do much better when you open up to people and keep yourself on a positive track.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

Your sensitive nature pertaining to stressful states of affairs means it is hard for you to learn from others even though you are very capable. Your persona is goal-directed, courageous and abiding, but you find it extremely difficult to live up to that perspective. You are tempted to bury your head in the sand when people actually expect you to live up to that view of you. This is because you have a fear of failure. The first thing to learn is to accept yourself. You have a gentle approach to life for a Taurus, but a great deal of depth.

You are gentle and this combination wins admiration. The spiritual and artistic are in your realm and you are the most imaginative of all the Taurus combinations. This is an interesting combination of the tender and poetic inspiration of a Pisces along with the experience and wisdom of the Taurus. The thought of hurting others is painful to you. Your primary challenge in life will be to overcome your self-consciousness. You should see it as an asset that you have such a sensitive emotional nature and develop a compassion for yourself. Disapproval and frustration with yourself will not do any good.

Choosing your friends is quite important because you are a highly malleable person who is easily influenced. Romantic areas make this all the more the case because it would be unfortunate to be dominated by a highly aggressive individual who insists on pushing you around. Long-term happiness is quite important and the Taurus-Pisces woman should be especially careful about marrying too young. Be certain that whomever you marry can understand your sensitive, kind and gentle being and treat you accordingly. Lastly, leave fantasyland behind and take a journey to the real world.

Open up and communicate freely with those around you in order to release your smothered feeling. You have so much to offer, why keep it inside yourself? Self-renewal is always available to you and you have the usual perseverance of a Taurus. Faith is renewing for natives of the Pisces Moon and they can acquire strength that way. Rather than denying your spiritual assets, improve them. A beautiful unfolding of your creative abilities will take place when you toss aside your prohibitions. A famous Taurus-Pisces native is Leonardo da Vinci. He is a remarkable artistic and spiritual person who exemplifies the possibilities of this combination.

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