Sun in Taurus — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Taurus Sun and Sagittarius Moon signs blend two signs that are both extroverted and sociable, and enjoy having a good time. Your sense of what constitutes a good time is variable; sometimes simple and earthy, and other times much more venturesome. Your highly developed social sense suggests that you like people, but they must be the right people. You would rather be alone than confined with people that you consider dull or uninteresting. This is not to say you are necessarily class conscious, for you can get along with all types of people with your ability to say the right thing at the right time.

Your manner of speaking is, however, forthright and direct and you have no difficulty making your sincerity and decisiveness felt. Your stubborn nature can express itself in such a flexible way that you can discuss a subject at great length without wavering from your original position. A tendency to stick by your very high principles and code make you come across as a moralist and one not above sitting in judgment of friend and acquaintances.

You feel you have a right to this as you are a pretty good, law abiding, conventional human being. Talk is a specialty of yours, especially when the talk can take on a personal touch. You always enjoy exchanging tidbits of gossip and passing on rumors. You try to like a good life; full and satisfying in an intellectual sense, but pleasant and luxurious all the same.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

Originality and exotica are among your wide-ranging interests. You have difficulty finding things that hold your interest. Your indecisiveness includes nearly everything from a spouse or job. You are ready to leave for greener pastures the minute boredom sets in, and that usually happens fast. This, unfortunately, negatively impacts your goals. Making the same mistakes repeatedly is often a pattern for you. You always have answer to an issue or quandary the moment it arises.

The mixture here is that of Sagittarius who has a logical, adaptable and witty character and a Taurus who is pragmatic, energetic and temporal. Very little goes unnoticed by you because you are very discerning and observant. The born detective in you can see a deceitful person almost right away. You search your environment out of a deep inner uneasiness. An assessment of your past actions would be a wise idea. Do not be governed by impulses of the moment, but rather base your decisions and behavior on what you have learned from the past.

You are, in spite of being a Taurus, very expressive and do not hold in your emotions. Almost any area of endeavor would benefit from your numerous talents, which you can apply so realistically. Because you will probably have so many opportunities, your main concern might be on narrowing down your choices. You are a bit moody and somewhat belligerent in your relationships. You need a place to share your thoughts and emotions socially because communication is one of your basic outlets.

You seem, on a more critical note, to be a little too aware of the macrocosm around you. You are also a bit of a troublemaker and faultfinder. It disturbs you if things do not hold up to careful examination because you are in search of perfection both in others as well as yourself. If you do not find it, you are critical, disenchanted and a bore. The Taurus-Sagittarius combination is generally outgoing and has a vibrant nature that guarantees true popularity.

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