Sun in Taurus — Moon in Scorpio

The combination of Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon signs produces a personality possessing a good deal more emotional intensity that is normally observed in the very stable Taurus Sun sign native. A very attractive cover hides the emotionally temperamental side of your nature. There is a very "definite" quality about you that insists black is black and white is white, and the many shades of gray don’t exist. You have a very strong and passionate nature that knows what it wants and how to get it.

You are very headstrong, self-willed, and independent. Your charm is instantaneous, and this coupled with your dramatic flare, shows talent for acting and speaking. You like being noticed and there is nothing at all timid about you. You are very appealing to the opposite sex, but the temperament you release when your reserve breaks down can make personal relationships very stormy. With all the tools that you have to get ahead, it wouldn’t be hard for you to go far.

Strangely however, your ambition to do so may not be as strong as many of your competitor who you pass along the way may believe. The tension that seems always to be building up constantly produces the urge to get away from it all and let yourself completely relax. You need this reprieve to avoid the stress to which you are rather susceptible.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Moon ☽

When you were young, you were probably an explorer, investigating your surroundings because you are a courageous and sensual mixture. Over the years, a feeling of uncertainty began to influence you and you became lethargic. Expressing your feelings is somewhat difficult for you. You have a powerful need to let go of your passions at times, but you fear that if you do, they would become all consuming. You are a very sober minded individual even by Taurus standards. Everything around you is viewed with an acute and gravely serious eye.

You are a loner and do not want others involved too much in your life, because you are mistrustful and tight-lipped. There is a high level of suspicion in you and this can reach paranoid levels when you start thinking that others have a plot against you. You walk around at times as though there was a very serious and dire concern on your mind. You have a profoundly negative view of humanity and virtually smirk when you read something unfortunate in the newspaper that confirms your notion that our planet is evil. Essentially, you try to conceal your inner being.

There are a handful of manifestations that result from stifling your emotions. Application of your energy can be utilized in numerous areas. You have a wonderfully creative vision and art, either as an avocation or even a profession, is possible. In the realm of business you are very clever and can be successful there too. Furthermore, you can spot misrepresentation and shallowness because of your excellent intuition. As with most Taurus people, you have an emphatic personality that makes you known and frequently dreaded.

Going about your life in a contemptuous, sulking fashion and being fundamentally inarticulate can be the result. Another possibility is that you become tempestuous and turn to damaging habits. There is a prospect that you will take out your belligerency on others. These things are only possibilities. Release is important and that means being more believing, as well as expressing yourself without censorship. Opening up to others is not something to fear because you are a friendly, giving person who can be forthright with others. Having made a decision, you have a great deal of self-command and resoluteness along with the ability to surmount most problems or obstacles.

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