Sun in Taurus — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Taurus Sun sign and Virgo Moon signs produces charm, poise, balance and a good deal of common sense. Unless the Sun or the Moon has some difficult aspects to contend with, you will glide through life with few problems, because of the pragmatic and stable physical characteristics of Taurus blended with the cool intellect of Virgo. You have much to offer the world, but someone may have to spur you into action. Once the inertia of getting started is overcome, you can throw yourself into work with the greatest energy if you so desire.

You may be prone to complain about the way life is treating you, but without some of these minor irritations, you would coast along and let someone else shoulder the responsibility. A little adversity is good for you and wakes you up so that you can become very conscientious on the job. You have an innate ability, if left to your own devices, of slipping by with the expenditure of very little energy; living by your wits and your practical nature. When you apply yourself, results can be amazing. A natural student, your mind is quick and retentive.

You love to read, and you can grasp and retain material that other may often overlook. Though you are stubborn and don’t like to be told what to do, you are inclined to end up in a subordinate role simply because you aren’t very aggressive at grabbing the reins of control and responsibility. You have charisma and magnetism combined with the ability to see people for what they are. These characteristics are what makes life easy for you and allows you to become very much the opportunist who takes advantage of charm, common sense and innate abilities to produce a comfortable lifestyle.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

You have a worldly mental framework that is filled with wisdom and experience. This means that others frequently want you to advise them because you are so good at it. Unfailingly, your counsel is logical and thought out well. It is based on logical principles combined with pragmatism. You have an acute method of thinking that can analyze and penetrate to the core of issues. You can readily put your plans into action because you are a perfectionist who insists on preciseness in quality. Taurus-Virgo individuals are superb planners. You are smooth and easy going in all things.

You have a character that is even-tempered and self-confident. Your dedication and ability to use the resources at hand mean others admire you and are drawn to you. The result is that you have a clear path through life stemming from your significant balance of pragmatism and dedication to the tasks you face. Plainly put, you know what you are doing. Wasting your time on fantasies or daydreams is not something you do. Simply contemplating action does not work. You would rather act on your ideas, seeing that as the only way to accomplish your goals.

You are a supremely serene person and recognize that life is not always smooth sailing. You ride the waves and never get upset with the routine workings of events. You easily move beyond the few barriers that life puts in your way because you are a determined person with a lot of self-control. Passivity will only lead to lethargy and laziness. Big responsibility and stiff competition are where you are at your very best. Management and administration are quite suited to your character. Verbally, you are well spoken, extremely persuasive and destined to produce results.

Organization and long term planning are among your numerous abilities. If there is a weakness in this area, it would be a lack of imagination and creativity. Self-satisfaction is one of the few challenges you will face. Coupled with this is the fact that you might sit by and observe the world and all its problems and be tempted to not use your strength to accomplish what you are capable of. Who you associate with can have an influence on your life choices and that only increases the temptation to be complacent. You need to be alive and active in your surroundings.

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