Sun in Taurus — Rising in Aquarius

The character of a man with the Sun in Taurus and the ascendant in Aquarius has an attractive charm for others. They are capricious, but easily agree with others. Their perception sometimes seems changeable, but they are always mobile and at the decisive moment they react correctly. They care about their education and love to amaze friends; They like to look good.

Taurus with an ascendant in Aquarius is sweet and brings animation to all kinds of parties and entertainments. They benefit from their attractiveness, make their property at night, suddenly buy a house or a plot of land. For all their mobility, they are usually firmly attached to a specific place; They are dominated by practical thinking.

Their love affairs are original, matchmaking unexpectedly and always striking; In the middle of the night they may be at the door dressed with a needle; as well as the middle of the day they can come running to a meeting in the city center in slippers — they do not want to be late! And they do it is they loved singles with whom everyone wants to meet.

Their impact is strong, they are seductive to a variety of — sometimes skillful — way. Much seems surface-sensational, for a short time; But they always know where to eat a piece of bread and butter, and buy more butter than bread. On such people rarely get angry!

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

You are a practical idealist: to find the cause yourself is not everything, you have to do something. It’s people like you who can one day save this world. You are a very humane person, but not a dreamer. In your personal life, your driving force is the family, and success can only come when you have a reliable rear.

You are an inveterate individualist, and your views are just as unshakable. You should learn to better adapt to circumstances and listen to people. In the end, you can learn something new. You like to think of yourself as an impartial person, so you will not find it difficult to do this. You are frank, open, rather inventive and very humane. You are strong and resolute, but never hide anger, and your character is distinguished by kindness and courtesy. No wonder you are popular.

You can be relied upon, as you will patiently overcome all obstacles until the work is done. This quality attracts other people to you. You always try to live up to the expectations that your relatives place on you.

People like you are popular, and probably you have useful friends, especially those who are connected with the law. The rising sign of Aquarius says that you have several brothers and sisters who often argue with each other and create a lot of problems. Your father can engage in farming or buying and selling, and you do not have a very good relationship with him.

Dark Side of the Sign

You admire the routine (probably this property you inherited from the parents) and completely lost, if it somehow broken. Home life is conducted like a military operation, even if you do not observe its progress themselves. Your social life is extremely boring: Monday — go to bed early; Tuesday — dedicated to parents; Wednesday — hobbies and sports; Thursday — visits to friends; Friday — TV; Saturday is sex; Sunday — walk in the park. Those who know you do not expect that by calling you, they will be immediately invited to come to visit, and come without an invitation.

How, God have mercy you in general managed to fall in love? Your chosen one, apparently, has temporarily gone blind and has not noticed your concern with your diary, calendar and hours. For God’s sakes, finally see: have fun when you want, it will not hurt you, I swear. Home life is fine, but it’s hard for your relatives to look at how you constantly disappear in a shed in the yard or permanently glued to the kitchen sink. Your home should be a place where you can really relax and unwind.

Love and Family

You, of course, marry, and at a fairly early age you are very affectionate and can love and remain faithful to your spouse until very old. Your spouse can come from a good family or have a profession in the field of art. The conjugal life is usually long and very happy, love and affection for the spouse do not pass with the years. You can have twins. Having children will make you travel a lot. In childhood, you had to encourage that you communicate and outside the family circle; The same situation will persist in your family life. Why do not you explore the outside world? After all, you have a strong character, and you will remain faithful to your loved ones in spite of any temptations.

Career and Money

You have some literary and artistic talent and prefer the humanities and scientific research. You may be interested in occultism, secret methods of research in the field of experimental science, writing, oratory, philosophy, music or theater. Your achievements will be the result of your dedication and personal qualities, but financial success will be unstable and subject to great changes, on the way to it, obstacles are waiting for you, mainly because of secret enemies. You have two or more sources of income and usually some kind of secret work in the field of chemical research, in government or military circles or even as a detective. Ownership and related trade can also provide you with a livelihood, and in these cases you can travel a lot. Nevertheless, no matter how many professional problems you face, a friend always comes to your aid.

Health and Immunity

It is not easy to constantly serve as a bulwark of health, this can lead to fatigue. As a result of stress, your throat may suffer and sweat. Although you are usually a very healthy person, you can suffer from blood diseases, eczema, muscle spasms, indigestion, stomach diseases, neuralgia and sometimes gout. There may also be problems with blood circulation, so always monitor the pressure.

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