Sun in Taurus — Rising in Aries

The character of a man with the Sun in Taurus and the Ascendant in Aries demonstrates to the world an inspiration, but always has in mind a steady goal. They know how to control themselves, they can, when it comes to this, wring themselves with a belt. They have dual charm. They get excited, they all argue with each other, but suddenly they turn to humor, emotional contact — the partner is knocking them off.

Taurus with an ascendant in Aries produces a somewhat unbalanced impression, they are loved, but their behavior is always surprising. They want not only to enthrall themselves, but also to own a partner, and they need to be sure of it, so that they feel it all the time.

Others can correct what they are about to do; they are not able to disentangle their own mess, which they brewed. In the application of energy they are economical; They need pauses, they need a sweet life to charge the battery. Money is sometimes distributed in a broad gesture, but more to impress it. But they can be mean and stingy.

They themselves readily enjoy, but somewhat hiding from others, because they want to seem more ascetic than they really are. But their core always radiates charm, so that they usually settle well in life. If they fuse, can be sure that if necessary they will replace it very quickly.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

Aries gives you some extrovert traits that are not characteristic of Taurus. You are a sensible and practical person, but you can suddenly give in to an impulsive impulse. Aries makes you a leader, not a driven member of society, but also selfish. It needs to be controlled if you want to maintain good relations with people. Fortunately, your cordiality, sociability and friendliness contribute to your popularity. You live in the present and do not want to learn from the mistakes of the past.

The position of the Sun in Taurus with the Ascendant in Aries suggests that you can be a collector, perhaps books. You also love everything beautiful, but when you acquire a thing, you want to be sure that it is not only an artistic but also a material value. You are quick-tempered, but quick-witted. Being a combination of a bull and a ram, you are guided by reason, but, falling into a rage, you can simply trample on others. Your repentance can be sincere, but you can still do harm. Fortunately, people around you can learn to recognize the signs that foreshadow the storm, and in time to hide.

A smart person, you can be grumpy and quick-tempered. You are a knowledgeable, active and inventive person, but still you do not know much about people. You often change your opinions, but are absolutely sure of them, as long as they dominate your mind. You adhere to advanced views, but at times you can show fanaticism. Subject to constant changes, you are enthusiastically looking for an idea that has recently taken hold of the minds in society and which one could follow.

Dark Side of the Sign

Although Aries makes you adventurous, it also helps to activate the materialist Taurus in you. You are more than a money-grubber, sometimes you act so that even the greedy moneylender would be ashamed. In your opinion, it makes no sense to engage in something that does not increase your bank account, and your social life can only exist as part of a business. You can enter into a marriage of convenience and make friends with those who help you to fill your wallet. You do not throw anything away, just in case that this thing can be useful for something else.

Your loved ones are living hard. You are unlikely to fork out, except to invest money in the future of your children (for example, in education), but spend on something else — forget about it. You will not part with your money, even when it’s a rainy day. Your offspring have to earn every penny of their pocket money themselves, and the spouse will have to work very hard to get you to open your moth-eaten wallet.

You, of course, are happy sometimes to spend on yourself, but even then you will be looking for something that can be bought cheaply. Naturally, you will prosper financially, but you will expect that your customers in business are just as mean as you. You also care for the welfare of your boss, as well as for your own.

Love and Family

You are a passionate lover, generously donating time and emotions, but not the contents of your wallet. You are subject to sudden changes, and in your life unexpected meetings and partings predominate. You will undoubtedly marry early and hastily, which can lead to a divorce. This may end for you unsuccessfully, as the spouse is very interested in your money.

You have several brothers and sisters, but you can be the only child. Your parents may be a problem for you, and your father may not be able to support your family. You will have few children, and maybe not at all, it depends on which spouse you choose. During life, you will often be helped by numerous and reliable friends. When it comes to emotions, think twice before acting.

Career and Money

You are able to hold a responsible position, although you do not know how to plan your activity well. You have the features of an innovator, you are leading a crusade against the established rules. You are looking for positions and honors, but you will need all your courage and will to save them. Your luck is not constant, but profits will bring property, farming, and sometimes a successful marriage. It is unlikely that you will stay in one place for a long time, you will often change your place of residence and travel on business trips. Long trips can bring you fame, which you will get thanks to fearlessness. Military science and jurisprudence are suitable for you, but you also have a tendency to take up mining, finance and collecting.

Health and Immunity

Aries controls the head, and Taurus — the throat, so these parts of the body are most vulnerable to stress or allergies. You can also suffer from flatulence, colic, inflammatory diseases. There may be accidents, as a result of which the eyes, hands and feet may suffer. Do not worry, because people born under these signs are very healthy. Observe moderation in nutrition, rest more and be outdoors. Take care that your sudden outbursts of anger do not make you pay with health.

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