Sun in Taurus — Rising in Cancer

People with the Sun in Taurus and the Ascendant in Cancer feel good in the world if they manage to cover up their sensitivity with reliable life protection. They are impressionable, sensitive to currents of various kinds. They willingly take shelter in their home — but do not lock themselves. They want to live well, but not better than others.

They are capable of emotional empathy, and show it. Thus, they aspire to the opposite sex, they need others. They are eager for love, willingly acquire a family. But they want peace, order and security. He who carries disorder is undesirable; Life is too short to live it in a mess.

Taurus with an ascendant in Cancer is tolerant if left alone. Everyone can do what he wants, if he does not turn out to be a troublemaker. They swing for a long time. But if they already said something, then this is valid. They take care of what belongs to them; Leaving on vacation, they take care of protecting their apartment from thieves.

They love nature, draw strength from it, and get a lot from sleep — if they can sleep, which, unfortunately, often depends on the state of mind. When a dream is upset, they come in a severe collision with others.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

This combination implies a great deal of sociability, by nature you are not alone. Your idea of happiness is to be surrounded by friends and family, and therefore you will enjoy great popularity. You have a rich imagination, you are sensitive, responsive and inventive, although not particularly original. Your earthiness means that you will always find a way to earn a living, even managing to save.

You have a great appetite, this may well lead to the fact that you will indulge your whims in eating, and although you are a fine cook, you should develop moderation. During a lifetime, you will probably hesitate between overeating or a strict diet. Remember, most of what you are addicted to does not do you good.

From the emotional point of view, you tend to passively go with the flow so that then suddenly begin to suffer from change and experience complex feelings. You are well aware of what it feels like to be offended, and therefore, be sensitive to your relatives. The past is always alive to you, and you tend to stay in memories, again and again resurrecting past events. Because of this, you do not easily forgive resentment.

Although you are a practical person, you can easily part with money: someone’s sad story, a friend in need, and you climb into the purse. Do not let your likes get the better of common sense, otherwise you will soon find that others are using you. Be a little more careful when making a choice between the objects of your likes and the direction of applying your energy, and you will avoid unnecessary distress and unnecessary expenses.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are an emotional vampire, sucking the energy of others completely. You are also a fan of sensations and swing from one drama to another, although it is doubtful that you can understand the difference between a real and an imaginary problem. As in childhood, you cling to your parents, and, being an adult, you will hold on to your children, using even emotional blackmail. Poor people will not have a chance if they can not learn how to resist you from the very childhood. But every such manifestation of independence leads to its complete rejection.

You usually run away at full speed, when you realize that you can not achieve your goal, or hide deeply in your shell. You really need to learn to stand firmly on your feet, but you prefer that you are supported by loved ones. You think that you should occupy a dominant position, and when you are refused attention, you succumb to your love for sweets and absorb them in unbearable quantities. The more you become fuller, the more unhappy you become, and the more unhappy you are, the more you eat, etc.

If you were a wise person, then, shut up in your shell, you would try to find your small heart of stone. If you tried to change and began to think about others, you would find that your heart becomes bigger and your silhouette, on the contrary, is thinner. Think about it.

Love and Family

You are gifted with a rich imagination, through which you enjoy staying in unfamiliar places and experiencing amazing adventures. You can easily adapt to other people’s societies and accept their ideas. Thus, you are a kind of chameleon that changes with each season and with each partner you are capricious, and while many of your hobbies end in frustration, the need for friendship and affection makes you immediately make new acquaintances. In general, you are shy, but when you are in immediate danger, you can show moral and physical courage.

You can be suspicious, cautious and prudent, and then quite suddenly become contradictory, frivolous and capricious. Sometimes love can make a big hole in your pocket. Your older child will probably succeed in a profession related to medicine, chemistry or military affairs, and in your old age your children will be your biggest support.

From a financial point of view, you will succeed through marriage, although it will be difficult for you to find happiness, and you must be careful. The need for family affinity can mean that you will develop close ties with a family that has nothing to do with you, especially if the relationship with your real parents is strained. Safety is important, but when choosing a life partner, you should think not only your heart, but your head.

Career and Money

A rising sign in Cancer means a wonderful life with many ups and downs. You are coping well with the processing of old material, and this can provide you with a livelihood. Ability to negotiate and work in social movements can also ensure your well-being. Although there is a danger of loss, the second half of life will be more successful and prosperous. You will reach your position solely by the power of your personality, and this will be the subject of general discussion. You can also be defamed. After thirty-five years your still uncertain position in life becomes more stable. Friends, especially women, will support you, including material support.

Health and Immunity

Diseases of the chest and throat can be your biggest problem, as well as gastric diseases due to overeating. In the second half of life, you can suffer from rheumatism and sciatica. Since you are reckless, there is a certain danger of falls. Diseases will probably especially bother you on travel, so before you go on a trip, make sure that you are fully armed. Finally, your active imagination may mean that you are a hypochondriac: when you find out that someone is sick with the flu, you may develop symptoms in one night, even if you learned about it by phone. Although in general you are a very healthy person.

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