Sun in Taurus — Rising in Capricorn

The character of man with the Sun in Taurus and the Ascendant in Capricorn possesses a solid firmness, under which you will not undermine. They know what they want, and they will do it for themselves. They save, wherever possible and what is possible. Stress knocks them off the mark, although they are not at all lazy. But they do not let themselves be driven, they live in their own rhythm, which promotes them.

Those who try to adjust them will not achieve anything, their need for self-affirmation is too great. They guard what they did, even if for that it was necessary to hire a private detective. They monitor compliance with treaties that are concluded, and violations are pursued mercilessly. Promises must be fulfilled!

Obligations are always treated as reciprocal. If he is interested in the spiritual or is personally involved in something like that, they act great. Under old age, they can then, looking back, see the work of their lives, well-executed, though not in large volumes.

Taurus with an ascendant in Capricorn is generally stingy. Women are reserved, men take care of themselves; Connections are often based on calculation, passions do not manifest, but they are used to it: everything is just a soft but expanding foam, gradually turning into a hard carpet on which life passes!

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

This is a powerful and harmonious combination. Capricorn gives a huge strength of character and purpose. Once you determine the line of behavior, you do not change it until you find yourself making a mistake. But this is unlikely, since you carefully plan your actions and never rush. You can endure great difficulties to achieve your goal, and your goal can be anything: romantic, speculative or aesthetic, but it will never let you get bored. If your efforts lead to the fact that you make a career, it will only please you, because you are very ambitious.

You have a strong character, you are endowed with determination and endurance. You can be suspicious and melancholy and have a strong desire for power. Although you exercise restraint among strangers, in the circle of friends you are very eloquent. You are more resolute than impulsive and you know how to forgive, but rarely forget the offense. You will make a great friend, but also a ruthless enemy. Art, love, children, animals and social life are the basis of your existence.

Dark Side of the Sign

It’s really amazing. You live for the sake of pleasure and to satisfy your appetites, and although you have great determination, it is aimed only at meeting your needs for pleasure. In love, you are constantly looking for new sensations. You are overjoyed when the relationship is shrouded in a romantic flair, but at the first sign of reality, you should find that your partner is also a frail person, you throw it and rush into the pursuit of the unattainable.

You love money, but do not like to work, and what you have, you lose carelessly, going into reckless speculation, although this combination of signs implies the presence in the person of prudence. You work hard, but play three times more energetic. If only you could direct your energy reasonable, you would go far. You can feel happy, drifting, but are your loved ones happy? You are strong, and you are not easily held back, so those around you have little to do, except to step aside and watch how you bring trouble on yourself.

Love and Family

You are experiencing romantic feelings, but they are not deep. The wounds that inflict you with disappointment in love do not heal for a long time. People born under this combination of signs are not prone to a quiet life in marriage, so either you will be left alone, or marry early and more than once. The partner will serve as an obstacle to the implementation of one of your main ambitious aspirations. In any case, your heart cases are subject to sudden fatal changes. Remarriage, perhaps, will bring wealth.

Your spouse has a significant impact on your ambitions and position in life. In any case, your emotional life is the source of unexpected events and can provide you with a host of enemies. It is difficult for you to get along with your family, especially with your father, who can serve as an obstacle to one of your marriages. You have several children, and your ambitions are probably closely related to them; Remember, they need to be allowed to go their own way. You are a good parent and try to expand the horizons of your children by introducing them into the world of art and science and constantly trying to stimulate their inquisitive mind. It is possible that one of your offspring will achieve great success in art.

Career and Money

You will achieve prosperity mainly because of your personal qualities, but also with the help of friends and family, although speculative transactions can also fill your wallet. You are attracted to art, trade in luxury goods and classes related to animals and children. You will make an excellent public leader. You are attracted by everything subtle and beautiful, and this love can provide you with good means of livelihood. Everything that you do, you are trying to do well, so that you can achieve great success.

Health and Immunity

In youth, your life can be exposed to a certain danger, and your body may not differ in strength. Strangeness of speech may also appear. Capricorn is prone to diseases associated with hypothermia or constipation, rheumatism, especially the knees or hands, as well as diseases of the stomach, such as colic. Your health can suddenly deteriorate when you are abroad. Remember that this combination of signs gives a penchant for melancholy, which can lead to hypochondria. You need to develop a sober attitude to your health. Finally, under the influence of stress, the occurrence of throat diseases is likely.

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