Sun in Taurus — Rising in Gemini

A man with the Sun in Taurus and an Ascendant in Gemini seems to others not so active as he really is. They seem somewhat inhibited. Their very lively attitude to everything spiritual they can convey to others only when they feel calm among them. They do not want to hurt anyone, because it would threaten their security; While they themselves make communication a little more difficult.

At first, they approach people with enthusiasm, but they are quickly overcome by fear that they have said too much. As for practical things, they are really sociable and react quickly, although after that they hide in their fortress.

Taurus with an ascendant in Gemini is diligent and helpful. Truth about fundamental, theoretical questions they speak not very willingly; Their mind is directed at the problems of life. Here they easily search for beneficial offers, they have skillful hands, which allows them to save on maintenance; They know how to find out where gasoline is at least a penny cheaper, and they will go there if the path is not too far.

These are excellent workers if they are provided with remuneration for work, and they always find such an opportunity. Their skill can be well-used, and on occasion they can show perseverance. However, they willingly interrupt work; Life without pleasure - thank you very much, only without me! Everyone is ready to join such a vital position.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

Probably, reading about yourself in ordinary astrological books, you found there a lot of unpleasant things. Of course, you can easily agree that you are characterized by stubbornness and a love for good food and comfort, but inflexibility, methodicalness and love of order? Never! This is because you have a lot from the volatile, adaptable and eccentric Gemini.

This combination of signs makes you kind, executive, honest and humane. You easily fall into anxiety and irritation, although it is just as easy and calming down. Your anger can be very violent, but you are always ready to apologize. You are inventive, well-informed, flexible and attentive. You are talkative when developing your favorite topic, otherwise you can be withdrawn and nervous if you are forced to talk. Hidden and silent, you will never be frank with the first counter. You find solitude very tonic and always take the opportunity to retire from the hustle and bustle.

While most people have developed either logic or intuition, both of these principles can coexist in you, depending on your mood. If you obey your forebodings, you will be lucky. Other people think that you are difficult to understand, but you are of the same opinion. In your family often there were quarrels, and, probably, it was difficult for you to get along with your father. Nevertheless, the reason for your bad luck lies in yourself, and you must clearly understand this. Make sure that you are smart about the intelligence that nature has given you.

Dark Side of the Sign

In many ways, this combination of signs can be dangerous. You have eloquence, the victim of which are others. You appear to be a very informed person, and only when a specialist has the misfortune to arrange you cross-examination, you are lost. However, you are well protected, and it is difficult to get to all the hiding places of your character. In fact, you are not a very deep person and are satisfied with the superficial perception of people, situations and knowledge.

As soon as others recognize you, they begin to understand that you are talking about things that you have a poor idea about. You are too lazy to find out the real facts, and are too mysterious when it comes to your deepest feelings. God knows what you think of yourself when you appear so eccentric, but you rarely let the people that make up your immediate surroundings close. Not surprisingly, for the most part, your relationship with others is a real catastrophe. In short, you are a sweet but rather stupid child, and until you understand that in order to get something, you have to give something away, you have little to hope for.

Love and Family

Your luck depends on the opposite sex. Your love affairs are shrouded in mystery, and children lead to complications. Probably, you will marry more than once, and one of the spouses will be a foreigner. You are flirtatious and love when you are challenged, you always believe that it’s better where you are not, and this attitude leads to an endless struggle. Your ideal partner should be for you and the friend, and the parent, and the teacher, and the lover, that is the person whom, of course, it is difficult to find. If your struggle is crowned with victory, you will be ecstatic with happiness. But these searches will not be easy. Your few children will be attractive externally and will achieve success in the field of fine arts. They will make the loving side of your nature manifest and give you the warmth that you did not have.

Career and Money

The Gemini have some writing skills, so you can achieve recognition in literature, art or science, all of these items interest you. You also admire travel, and this can be your vocation. You are creative and have original ideas, you have the ability in the field of law, trade and knows the art of negotiating. You will surely reach a good position in life and probably will have two professions. However, beware of sitting "on two chairs" or tormented by indecisiveness. Detractors may interfere with your career, but your spouse can benefit from it. Success will eventually come to you, but make sure that you do not destroy it with your own hands. It may happen that you will inherit some property.

Health and Immunity

You tend to succumb to anxiety that can lead to illness, and are especially prone to nervous illnesses. Other problem areas include diseases of the gallbladder and excretory system, allergies. Twins manage the lungs, and complications after the cold will certainly affect this organ, especially if you have dark hair. As Gemini, you are prone to lung disease and while you have restless, nervous hands, this could well mean that you are a smoker. This combination of signs carries with it a certain danger to health. Taurus often suffers from overweight, but the Gemini sign protects you from this by burning calories with the help of nervous energy. Finally, Gemini means that your growth may well be above average.

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