Sun in Taurus — Rising in Libra

People with the Sun in Taurus and the Ascendant in Libra are the favorites of others. They are often stunning adorable, they are tactful and lovely, and almost always liked. Previously, such represented the angels of happiness, but they are not angels at all!

Taurus with an Ascendant in Libra has artistic inclinations; They watch themselves and dress well, they love elegance and neatness; But their inner life is not so harmonious. When they are given to the senses, this determines their perception, and they are limited, the feeling and perception prevails. They can even blossom a little, although not without elegance, if only it matches the mood of the day.

However, they care about marriage, and strive to strengthen it with a solid contract. In isolation, they wither away, they need a response of feelings, they need warmth. So they are constantly seeking to the south. If their inner life is not full, they freeze, they seek heat from outside, heat the apartment hotly, and do not dare to go out into the street while the sky is gray.

For all this, it can be superfluous, because they bring happiness by one’s appearance. They are willing to woo, but they often respond too quickly to matchmaking with consent, for their feelings are always open. They are pampered, and this makes them insecure. They never know whether they are really appreciated, or they are simply attractive male or female dolls.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

Since both these signs are under the auspices of Venus, you possess a developed sense of beauty and a pleasant, gentle character. You are flexible and sensitive, easily come under the influence of your environment. You are well-educated, honest, you have a sense of justice that you follow in most of your actions. You are capable of deep love and great compassion.

You are prone to sensual pleasures, like to revolve in society, enjoy the atmosphere of romance, are not indifferent to refined food and beverages. You are constantly struggling to keep your weight within acceptable limits, but you are not doing it well. Since it’s hard for you to deprive yourself of the pleasure of a tasty meal, you can fully admit that you have to pay for it.

It seems that you have many talents, but you need to develop one or two of them. Otherwise, you can become a person who takes everything, but can not do anything right. Your determination needs encouragement, and you should try to keep the body of your nature under the control of lazy Libra. The habit of postponing business from day to day can create problems for you, so do not think too long over what needs to be done — just do it.

People are attracted by your sincerity. You are very optimistic, but sometimes you tend to lose your temper and succumb to a bad mood. You easily get angry, but easily and calm down. You lack the willpower, and the real problem is patience — it’s hard for you to stick to the chosen course of action to the end.

Dark Side of the Sign

Since both signs are controlled by Venus, sensuality is present in you in abundance. You do not have time for worldly affairs, and you give yourself all love and romantic relationships. You often confuse love and passion, and this leads to a catastrophe. You never learn from mistakes and you can not resist to again jump into a skillet that you yourself just took off the fire. Life in your mind must be absolutely beautiful, romantic and creative. There’s no point in telling you that it’s impossible — you just do not listen to anyone. Sometimes this truth is revealed to you, and then you try to be comforted, strenuously absorbing food and leaning on alcohol. When you come to, you continue to live, as before.

You expect too much from others and do not pay attention to their needs. Your financial situation is unreliable, and when you have a lot of money in your pocket, it’s not for long. You can not live a day to not satisfy one of your whims, and do not pay attention to warnings from the bank until you are denied a loan. Persistently fight to at least one toe, if not with both feet, to stand on solid ground, this will help you avoid many emotional trauma.

Love and Family

You pursue your goal very hard, but at any time you can change the decision and start chasing the new object. So you lead your personal life, and this leads to complications. You are the type who prefers to play in love, not real love, and when things do not move or the relationship takes on a touch of earthiness, you disappear. But still you need a life companion, and your combination of signs suggests that you will marry a person from a large family, and with members of this family you just expect complexity.

Your father may have been unhappy or was the cause of conflicts and limitations for you. You will have few children, but they will be happy in life and will serve you as a source of satisfaction. Among your relatives, perhaps, there are half-brothers or sisters, or from a repeated marriage of one of the parents, or adopted children. Your friends are likely to take a good position in the light, and among creative people and professionals you will find unexpected support. However, involuntarily you can damage one of your friends.

Career and Money

You are able to quickly acquire knowledge and have a propensity for art and business. Success will be the result of some occupation associated with navigation or fluids, and many people born under this combination of signs become traders in wine or alcohol, chemists, doctors, surgeons or sailors. Water is the determining factor.

You can incur losses because of disagreements with a business partner, and you should always carefully check the contracts that you conclude. In adulthood, you can change your profession, and later years of life will bring a good position and popularity in society. You will always have many affairs in the public arena, and you will often go on business trips. Your career will not be stable, so postpone anything for a rainy day. In the end, you will find success in your home country or even in your hometown.

Health and Immunity

Your problems can be associated with the throat, kidneys, liver, veins, swollen legs and intestines. The right way of life will help you to maintain good health, although it may be difficult for you to give up your habits. Try to extend the intervals between each write. Since the kidneys can be a problem for you, drink plenty of fresh mineral water.

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