Sun in Taurus — Rising in Pisces

The character of a man with the Sun in Taurus and the ascendant in Pisces has a good life instinct rooted in reality. They feel that they have to settle, to whom they can trust, to whom they can be loyal. Instinct also helps them in matchmaking, so they choose a partner who cares about their safety. Their external softness somewhat covers their tough, albeit sociable, core, which makes it easier for them to communicate with others.

Taurus with an ascendant in Pisces approach, speak, attract, they strikingly convey the mood preferred by others. Much seems a little vague; They find their own style with difficulty. However, they know how to keep silent and understand silently.

They are able to feel and comprehend, and much bring in the partnership of the sexes. In love, they are full of devoted dreams, but do not lose themselves — a perfect combination. Loneliness, they suffer with difficulty, but they all have to go through it, and because of this they know the value of community, their own home.

They possess an instinctive sense of nature, feel the change in the weather, can establish a good connection with animals, and return humankind to harmony with nature. But they also feel the point beyond which a person should not move in relation to his animal nature. Man must grow his primitive state; So that they are intrinsically committed to the development of civilization.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

This is a creative and charming combination of signs. Pisces gives flexibility and makes you more sociable, otherwise you would be stiff and stubborn. You like to express yourself openly and share your ideas and feelings with others. You are constantly on the move, you have a definite purpose. You express yourself brightly and skilfully argue — very few people can argue with you. Some admire your artistic talents, and Taurus guarantees that they will find a practical embodiment. Your senses are exacerbated, especially the sense of smell and color perception. This means that your environment has a big influence on you.

You have received a good primary education, very fond of reading. Impressive, romantic, with imagination, you are prone to strange fantasies. You are honest, friendly, kind and intelligent, prone to reverie, distinguished by diligence, your soul is full of poetry.

You love all the blessings of life and are determined not to deny yourself the pleasures. Nevertheless, you are generous and do not allow yourself to have fun at the expense of others. You have a strong will, you are benevolent, and if you become a boss, you can lead, not allowing yourself to be sharp with your subordinates. You are prudent and inclined to agree simply out of courtesy, but you can also make impartial criticisms. This is a perfect combination of signs, and you will have many friends who claim your time and energy, which you will be happy to give them.

Dark Side of the Sign

Taurus likes to indulge in excesses, and in this case it means a hobby for alcohol. Taurus controls the throat, and Pisces is a water sign, so you can not wait to miss a glass, and use any opportunity for this. You are a kind person, but you are not going to do anything disinterestedly. In addition, you are a completely unorganized person. You are always in a hurry, but you do not have time.

To make a decision is a big problem: first you are determined to do something, but, having started to work, at the last moment you can change your mind. This confuses others. You like to think of yourself as a person in an art warehouse, but you can not decide who you are: a failed Beethoven, Van Gogh or David Bowie. The only thing you are sure of is that you are unlucky: you are convinced that you are hidden genius, and if you could only determine the place where he hid, I would hold my breath in anticipation of a miracle. You could succeed in trading, but it’s not too beautiful an occupation for you, is it? Do not worry, take another glass and forget about it for now.

Love and Family

You are romantic and, although for your first union there will be obstacles, you will soon start falling in love and will be carried away by the opposite sex all your life. Most of your love relationships will be very happy, and with the end of each novel you will feel that you have gained some positive experience. You like to make unexpected gifts to your loved ones, and your kind nature makes you a very attractive person.

You think that marriage should be the only one for life. You spend a lot of time with close relatives and will maintain a particularly close relationship with one of your brothers or sisters. However, you may have problems with your parents, your father may not be very lucky in life, and family property can be divided. Your mother can marry twice. You will have many children, who are waiting for happiness in life, full of changes, and many trips.

Career and Money

Thanks to his talents, you can become a very wealthy person, achieve glory and fame, mainly in literature, art or science. This will give you support for your combination of signs, under which many famous writers were born. You are always looking for new ideas. You have many interests, some of them you can successfully implement. Financial well-being will come to you mainly thanks to your own efforts, but also with the help of writings, travel and goodwill of other people. You can have two professions, you are capable of much. You will make many business trips.

Health and Immunity

Beware of nervous exhaustion, usually provoked by inflammation of the larynx. Other problems are leg and ankle diseases, colic and accidents due to careless handling of sharp or hot objects. Women can suffer from gynecological diseases. And take care of your vision: take more vitamin A.

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