Sun in Taurus — Rising in Sagittarius

The character of a man with the Sun in Taurus and the Ascendant in Sagittarius can develop in two directions, in one case it is a gross egotist, in another it is always ready to help fellow citizens; The basis for choosing a direction is laid down from childhood: the surrounding form development.

These people know that human life together is connected with duties. If all around them just want to snatch their share, without taking duties, then they will be able to show to others where the crayfish are hibernating, in this they will equip everyone! They often seem attractive, while the inner core of their essence is not sufficiently developed.

This contradiction makes communication with them difficult, because unconsciously they themselves know about it. Taurus with an ascendant in Sagittarius are wonderful educators, preparing for practical life: building plans, they do not lose sight of reality.

They respect the partner, caring for the weak, even ready to take them home, if they behave decently, but after the first piece of bread, they must show themselves, must join them in their work, so that care will continue. Such people are always ready to help, but it imposes certain obligations on the receiving aid, they do not need parasites. And they are able to work, and anyone is ready to teach.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

You are frank, honest, generous and always busy, often just to do something. You are a complicated person, you can be as bold, reckless and desperate, as sensitive, impressionable and restrained. You are a passionate and irritable type, but rarely vindictive. Your developed sense of justice means that your sharpness toward others turns against you. You are very smart and always ready to adopt a new lifestyle, but there is irritability in you, which is the result of some limitations. Usually polite, you behave defiantly in the presence of ill-wishers or when you are forced to defend yourself. Even in old age you are full of hope, radiate joy and energy.

Paradoxically, your acute need for freedom is in conflict with your need for security and helping others. Taurus encourages you to offer your help, and this leads to certain conflicts. However, with your strong caring instinct you can do a lot of good for humanity.

Financially, I’m afraid you have swings and uncertainty — you can be thrifty, and then suddenly you immediately take down your hard-earned money to satisfy some sudden whim. You are wary and distrustful of both the surrounding and yourself, and this often leads to an unintended deception. A champion of peace, truth and justice, you rarely get into trouble without sufficient reason.

Dark Side of the Sign

Hardly you will meet the person who would be the same dogmatic and persistent as Taurus, but, at least, this combination of signs gives some flexibility. Nevertheless, you can be a great crank. You are prone to fads in nutrition and are obsessed with diets, you constantly conduct experiments that are not always helpful. If someone invented a diet where you only need to eat coffee and biscuits, you probably would have been gullible enough to follow it. Destruction of one’s own health is one thing, but you also destroy the health of other people, insisting that they follow your last passion. Your loved ones prefer to agree rather than bear your indignation.

You like to help others, whether they like it or not, and this inevitably leads to a worsening of the situation. Sometimes you treat people incredibly tactlessly. Your motivation may be the best, but frankly, you do not have an approach to people. Concentrate on your affairs better-they will certainly require your attention. Although you really need freedom and think that you should be independent, you also insist that those whom you care about are wrapped in your sense of property, like in a blanket. You will do the right thing if you do not expose your sense of justice for show and determine for him such a place in your soul where it will not hinder anybody.

Love and Family

Youth is not the happiest period of your life, since you will sooner be separated from your father, or he will be unsuccessful. It can affect you emotionally; Your passions are numerous and hot, but you usually know how to control them. You will have two or more marriages, one of which will significantly affect your position in life.

Your friends are influential, helpful and responsive. The kindness of a rich woman will be timely and bring good luck. You must be on your guard and avoid false friends. You will have several children, and you will love them passionately, although your relationship with them will not be cloudless. Take care that your marriage is not destroyed by ill-wishers. In fact, their ability to harm you is not as great as they might think.

Career and Money

You are probably an inventive and versatile person and have studied many branches of knowledge. You are more likely to sacrifice something, but do not stay in the midst of limited and unpleasant people. You are eloquent and sometimes you are a visionary, you are fond of theology and spiritual knowledge, are inclined to retirement and are devoted to study and research.

Luck will come to you through grueling work, but it is also likely that you will receive an inheritance. In your youth you had many obstacles, but success will certainly come to you. It may be that you will make a career in two areas of activity. You are probably attracted to a job where you can benefit others. You need a goal in life, and this is basically the decisive factor in choosing the field of activity — you will choose a career that will be long and will benefit people.

Health and Immunity

You are probably very concerned about your health and do not indulge in excess. This combination of signs makes the throat doubly vulnerable, so be very attentive to this area. Ears and bronchi can be prone to infections. If you spend several hours a day on your feet, you can expect varicose veins and swelling of the legs. A mental state has a significant effect on your body’s condition, and an unfavorable environment or tensions can lead to illness. But in general, I think you have very good health.

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