Sun in Taurus — Rising in Scorpio

The character of a man with the Sun in Taurus and the ascendant in Scorpio shows the world an excellent endurance in the behavior of his will. They are directly attacking others. When others back away — they gently laugh, as if out of well-being, but then take a softer, but firmer. They achieve what they want, and can apply at the same time worthy of love means.

On others who would willingly do without them and their deeds, they often give the impression of unscrupulous, but it is not so; They only provide themselves, and since they are restless, then everything happens immediately! They are quick in their actions, but they do not lose their gaze from the field of vision. Storm and rain do not frighten them. If the weather is raging outside, they do not sit out at home until the bad weather subsides.

This always gives them a significant advantage, which spurs them to further increase it. They feel so much ahead that they think themselves unattainable, while they themselves put on a pedestal. At the same time, they put themselves on a pedestal. At the same time, they do not notice that others are behind, and the struggle begins again.

Taurus with an ascendant in Scorpio is in place when it is necessary to uproot the ancient forest. At the same time, they meet ingratitude for the most part, so they want to get their peace after they are put into work, they do not know: so they are shunned, is often unfair. They take it as a deep insult and at every opportunity take revenge.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

In your personality, there are no faded colors. You are a passionate, proprietary type, determined, ambitious and loyal, but also stubborn, inflexible and ill-adapted to circumstances. You know yourself, and you do not have time for friends who can fail. It is impossible to imagine that someone who managed to fail you one day might think about doing it a second time.

This means that you have a small circle of friends whom you love and protect under all circumstances. Consider that you are a demanding friend, prone to rash quarrels and destructive conflicts. You are always excessive, both in work and in entertainment. You are resourceful and imaginative, your character is changeable, you are inclined to irritability, very quick-tempered, but quick-witted. You have beautiful eyes — they possess fascinating beauty and see through and through.

It’s hard for you to stick to the golden mean: you either love or hate; Absolutely avoid close relationships or overly indulge in pleasures. You may not recognize this, but you desperately need other people, and when you are committed to someone, you give everything away (although they tend to dominate the partner).

Dark Side of the Sign

It’s hard for you, is not it? And now think, what is it like living with you? Nothing ever happens to you that you would not consider only as black or white, bad or good, right or wrong. It must be very nice to be so confident in everything — it makes life so simple. The problem with this combination of signs is that you need other people. But when you meet someone, you immediately try to seize power over him and remake this person in your own way. When people protest or try to confront you, the relationship ends. When they do not, you start to wonder how you could contact such a mess. You just can not win, you also can not see when you’re doing wrong. You never do wrong, do you?

There are a lot of prejudices in you, you are just a fanatic of the worst type. You always remain in captivity for your ideas, even when someone tries to show you where you were wrong: you really do not want to know this. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will ever read these lines. But remember that the harder and more intolerant you are, the easier it is to disarm you. You should develop at least some flexibility, or the crash of your fall will be heard for many miles in the neighborhood.

Love and Family

You set such high standards that can create difficulties for you. You have probably been married repeatedly and have many secret enemies and rivals. You always lead a violent love life, and your secret affairs cause a certain number of problems. The family will be of great importance to you, and you will probably have many children — among them there may be twins. Your children will marry early, and with one of them you will have some problems. Your father is generally friendly to you, although sometimes you can quarrel. You will have many friends in the art world. One love story will have a big impact on your career. You are happy in your family, you have a good relationship with loved ones, but you will lose many friends at the age of about thirty.

Career and Money

You have an insatiable thirst to find the hidden nature of things and can become an occultist, a chemist, a philosopher or a detective. You are looking for fame and, probably, you will achieve a good position in life. You have a tendency to serve in the army, the navy, the government, and you are able to occupy leadership positions in these areas.

Your financial affairs are uncertain. Youth is quite poor, but in middle age you will prosper, get benefits from foreign enterprises, married relatives, court cases, and also directly from marriage. You have two separate sources of income and often two completely different occupations. Although your life can be a struggle, all efforts will be crowned with success.

Health and Immunity

Usually you are very good at health, but are prone to gallbladder disease, inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs, fevers and headaches. Be careful with sharp or hot objects. Your right arm and face are prone to injury. The reason for your illness is your tendency to excess, so your health is completely in your hands.

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