Sun in Taurus — Rising in Taurus

The character of the person with the Sun in Taurus and the Ascendant in Taurus is the world as it really is: self-sufficient, never doubting a person. They have endurance and patience, attractiveness and grace. Life seems to them a huge insurance company, in which you need to secure a firm place.

Their stubbornness has become a proverb, but they do not become evil - they are taken for a cause, whether it be life, or in love. They love everything that makes sense and brings pleasure: art, architecture, they willingly sing, they like painting — everything that makes life fuller. They do not look at themselves too deeply. And not everything is quickly given to them, but they do what they are supposed to do. They do not overexert themselves: this is saved by their practical reason.

For all their strength they need pauses, they need a vacation, a trip to a sanatorium. Their work is systematic, exemplary, they want everything to be provided, they do not sign unclear contracts. So they do not bring disorder to their surroundings, but they do not drive it, they are fixed points of support, where a person enjoys, pleases his feelings, so that the world seems constantly in order.

Taurus with an ascendant in Taurus is ready to forgive. Only if they are long overworked, they send the collected, accumulated force to the enemy, and it’s like rabies. However, their healthy egoism tends to compromise, and this is their strength.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

You are strong, cold-blooded and determined; You know exactly what you think, what you feel and what you believe in. Decisiveness is one of your main qualities, but you should not be able to learn more adaptability. For example, you are going to spend a romantic evening with a man who is in love when suddenly your friend is. Naturally, you are disappointed. But is it really necessary to show this so clearly? A person who knows you well will never come, not having agreed with you in advance, but maybe this friend is only passing through the city for one evening? You should flatter his desire to spend this evening with you. Liven up and show more hospitality.

This combination of signs implies the presence in the person of a certain amount of selfishness, nevertheless, if the conditions of life are favorable, there is no one more hospitable and benevolent than you. You love to enjoy all the blessings of life and share them generously with the one you care about, but if you could obey spontaneous impulses to do good, you would be surprised how much more pleasure you could receive from life.

This combination of signs also gives the person practicality. You value money, although you do not like to work hard. You like to invest in artistic values, but rather out of a sense of satisfaction with their possession, than because of their artistic merits. Whatever you do in life, you will always have a hobby associated with art. It attracts you (especially music), you also love nature.

You have very developed feelings, especially the sense of smell. Unpleasant smells disgust you, you may even get sick. And vice versa, the smell of wet grass, roses and freshly baked bread delights you and awakens your sensuality.

Dark Side of the Sign

None of what I’m talking about has any meaning for you, since you all know better. The level of your mental development is no higher than that of a sixteen-year-old: you believe that you have seen and read enough to have an opinion on any subject. After reading this, I hope you at least a little repent, but, nevertheless, your manners leave little hope for this. You think that you are always right in your judgments about art, politics and religion, and repeat it without end. Keep from this behavior and work on your intelligence, you will undoubtedly benefit from it.

You are too fond of food, and the weight of your body is growing every year. You resort to ridiculous diets that promise instant weight loss, they help you lose three pounds, but make you irritable and sick. Although your pounds are back to you, as soon as you start, as usual, to indulge your whims, it does not discourage you. You sweep between the newest diet and enthusiastic devouring. When you feel unhappy, depressed, hurt or misunderstood, you can eat almost two kilos in one sitting and are even proud of your abilities in this regard.

If you are a man, then you are one of those who find it fun to drive their friends to the "whoever drinks more" competition, which usually ends with all of its participants getting drunk to a pig’s screech. You have amazing abilities to come up with an excuse for such tricks. In fact, you just do not want to give up any pleasures, whatever it costs you or other people. You are complacent, inclined to indulge your desires, are vain and completely devoid of self-criticism.

Love and Family

You can be a very ardent jealous and owner. In a romantic relationship, you always hurry the events and do not let the love blossom in your time, thereby averting your partner. Having found satisfaction, you become a loyal and reliable partner. Your illustrious happiness can be hampered by ill-wishers, but by joining forces with your spouse, you will be able to overcome it.

Children can become a source of satisfaction and material support for you. Probably, they will succeed in teaching or professions related to art. However, the health of your older child as a child will require special attention from you.

You should try not to conceal your dislike or resentment, be more sympathetic and remember that love is a mutual process. You can not take all the time without giving as much good as you get. In general, your life should be peaceful and calm. When trouble comes, it is often a consequence of your beliefs and unnecessary obstinacy.

Career and Money

In youth, success may not always be true to you, and the situation will be unreliable, but later it will become stronger, as you will get useful acquaintances. You can succeed in activities related to nutrition, hygiene, science, art, literature, education, natural history or gardening. You are endowed with perseverance and calm determination and can achieve a high position in government circles. You are a scrupulous person, a methodical and precise worker, attentive to the little things.

Whichever career you choose, it is important to remember that although you are ambitious, it is better to succeed slowly, and not make your way to the top like a bulldozer. In the latter case, you can make yourself a lot of enemies, who, no doubt, will enjoy watching your failures. If you take this into account, there will be no reason why you would not be able to prosper.

Health and Immunity

As a result of excess you can suffer from liver or kidney disease. Taurus controls the throat, so this is the area that can react most quickly to stress. Periodically, you can annoy tonsillitis. Women may have problems with the ovaries. But the bull is not a frail creature, and since you are Taurus doubly, with such support it is unlikely that you will become a victim of a serious illness.

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