Sun in Taurus — Rising in Virgo

The character of man with the Sun in Taurus and the Ascendant in Virgo is firmly based on one’s own will and self-confidence. They have a solid ground under their feet, and no desire to change it. They are related to reality both by reason and feeling, and it is not so easy for them to do harm. They know their own worth, possess endurance, think consciously, feel real. This gives them great strength to overcome everyday life.

They can take care of everything, and they will decorate the festive evening accordingly. The phenomena of culture are of interest to them because, to the extent that they remain understandable and do not contradict their beliefs. They show considerable persistence, but they do not want to inflate; They want only to preserve their foundations, do not want to be confused.

Taurus with an ascendant in Virgo is good at farming, twice and thrice secure old age. They do not want to hear the big doubts about their essence and their life; They refuse to enter into close relationships with people who look at life differently than they do. They willingly rest after a busy day, and he is always tense.

Their hard work is their pride, it should be about lasting things. To nurture ideas alone, to reflect and philosophize is nothing; The result must be real and visible. Escapades they willingly experience in the cinema or on the TV screen, shaking their head.

♉ Taurus Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

This is a very practical, but at the same time, intelligent combination of signs. You can be an eternal student and significantly succeed, improving your education. A long trip will play an important role in your life, and you, probably, will spend a lot of time abroad. Emigration is very likely.

Surprisingly, you are well adapting and showing competence when it comes to world problems, but become inflexible and completely lost in the face of minor changes, finding fault on the slightest occasion. You spend too much time on it, and while your modesty and intellect attract people, the tendency to dig into small things is your biggest drawback. You love everything elegant and neat, but this love goes beyond common sense. With regard to finance, you are on your mind, always looking for where to make a profitable purchase.

Security is essential to you, you hate the risk, preferring to know exactly how much you can earn — and not only this year, but also in the next. The loss of income leads you into a state of ecstatic anxiety. Therefore, free professions are not for you. You have a clear mind and a developed sense of justice, but you can be unfeelingly cold and tough. You can become a wonderful friend, but a harsh overseer.

You are kind, modest and pleasant in communication. You are also shy, and it is difficult for you to know closely, but you easily trust a person when you are convinced that he treats you with sincere goodwill. You are hard to anger, but you just as hard forgive insults; You are a strong-willed person, but you can make sudden changes in your life. You are very intelligent, resourceful and always stick to your opinion. And finally, you are a person who is worried about the deplorable state of all humanity, and, perhaps, you are even able to do something constructive to help him.

Dark Side of the Sign

It will be easier for you when you learn that you are not so absurd as to give others a headache. This is your only big drawback, as you spend your whole life floundering in the sea of small things. A loved one can suffer from a nervous breakdown, but you only notice that "she does not pay attention to her hair or does not want to fix the makeup that has been smeared."

Naturally, your career suffers from the same problems. You spend hours trying to sharpen pencils and wipe the dust off your computer, but do not take the time to really do the work. Constantly amazed at the successes of others, you refuse to understand that while you waste time on useless small work, they really make progress in life and create their own well-being. You indignantly demand that you be told what you did wrong, but turn the life of the one who told you the truth to hell.

It is important to note that there is no point in worrying if you are not doing anything to cope with your problems; Everything that happens — you will regularly get covered with a rash on the nerves. The ascending sign of the Virgin usually gives a modest but capable person, however this does not apply to you. You have enough impudence to do something, but you need to develop a sense of perspective.

Love and Family

Your emotional life is rarely simple. You are waiting for failure in love, you will probably marry twice or have an affair in secret from your spouse. In family life, you will have many problems, including some secret concerning your husband / wife, so choose a spouse cautiously. You are a very practical person, and you do not have enough patience to engage in all sorts of frivolous things. It is not easy for you to get along with relatives and even neighbors, and your elder brother or sister will probably be pretty unhappy in life. In general, there is very little or no sympathy between you and your brothers or sisters.

It is also likely that there may be some secrets in your family; Your father can marry twice, or he could be involved in the past in secret affairs. You will not have many children who will not achieve special success in life and will not marry for a long time, although it is unlikely that this will bother you. Friends will come and go, as many changes in life will lead to frequent parting. But you will always make new acquaintances. Many of your problems come from the fact that you tend to idealize loved ones. Remember that no one is perfect, this also applies to you.

Career and Money

You are fond of the humanities, literature, history and theater. It makes you eloquent, convincing and big talker, although in general you are a quiet person. You, undoubtedly, will be interested in gardening, truck farming and agriculture, show abilities to sciences and will aspire to get higher education.

You will not become a fantastically rich person and will earn money with hard work, especially in youth. Late years will be more successful. Probably, you will succeed by inheriting your spouse’s property, as well as engaging in science or teaching. Money can be purchased abroad. The combination of Virgo and Taurus can give a successful banker and generally a business man, although it is unreasonable to engage in speculation. To you in hands will swim a lot of blessings at once, but if you want to grab too much, you can comprehend the big disappointment.

Despite the various difficulties, success will necessarily come to you. But beware, you can find enemies among people who occupy a good position in the art world or among those engaged in speculation. Finally, make sure that you do not confuse business with your personal life.

Health and Immunity

You need to beware of colic, flatulence, diarrhea and impurity of blood. You are prone to allergies and can suffer from eczema or a reaction to wheat or alcohol. The state of concern greatly affects your health and can cause a minor skin rash. Recognizing your secret anxiety, you can improve your health.

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