Sun in Virgo

Those with Sun in Virgo are constantly on the move, always trying to fine-tune their lives and relationships. They are filled with nervous energy, and a desire to make improvements, so they’re serene when fulfilling the steps toward a well-thought out goal.

Virgos are often compelled to serve others, and can find respect in fields where attention to detail and a responsible attitude are rewarded. They are natural healers, and are gifted at bringing an unhealthy situation back into balance. But they have to watch out for those that would take advantage of their natures and put them in subservient roles. Finding the courage to place the highest value on what they offer can take a lifetime for some Virgos.

There’s an emphasis on habit, and a Virgo that has established a wholesome daily routine is far easier to live with than one that hasn’t. There’s a physical sensitivity with Virgos that could be called high maintenance, and they need a lot of space to “purify” themselves in mind, body and spirit. They are known as loners, and even if established in coupledom, will need plenty of “me” time to maintain their sense of self.

You can set your clock by their punctuality, so if you’re going to be late, you’d better have a good reason. When trying to win the heart of a Virgo, try giving them something practical that enhances their daily life. And always make sure your clothes are free of unsightly stains or wrinkles, as this will be duly noted.

The self-contained nature of the Virgo Sun sometimes makes them all the more alluring. Here’s where the Virgin comes into play - someone who will always be whole and complete unto themselves. And this can make them seem unattainable.

In a relationship, the Sun in Virgo finds comfort in the routines of daily life. When they’ve found a worthy mate, they revel in the patterns and habits of togetherness, and can begin to relax into the beauty of the familiar.

The blended dual Light

A very Love-filled state, in which the Second Ray energy of the Sun expresses itself through the Second and Sixth Ray orientation of this sign. The Sixth brings about the one-pointed devotion and the necessary strife {through the energies of Mars and Neptune} so that the Work of consciousness may proceed.

The potential of the Sun in this sign is tremendous for the work of unification and healing. The aim of life is to become ever more one-pointed in reaching the loving inclusivity which is a primary spiritual goal. At the same time, Virgo endeavors to gain the necessary tools in order to serve others also struggling along the Path.

Virgo is always at work, accumulating the required methods, processes and practices which bring about the perfection of the lower self. The lesson which the Sun in Virgo learns and teaches is discrimination in form. This quality of perception gives a Soul-centered Virgo the ability to identify what must be done to support one’s direction for spiritual growth while at the same time creating practical opportunities for the expression of the Soul on planet earth.

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