Sun in Virgo — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of Virgo Sun and Aquarius Moon produces one who, in part, is very earth bound and practical, while another part is somewhere above the horizon searching for truth, understanding, and knowledge. You strive to be aloof from the mundane elements of everyday life, as this is not a combination featuring much human emotion and passion. Periodic moods of emotionalism and romanticism notwithstanding, you’re inclined to be cool and self-sufficient at heart.

You can be insensitive in the way you handle people. You tell them what you think rather than what they want to hear, expecting them to be big enough to handle it; supreme objectivity, it might be called. You are a sympathetic person, but it’s more because of your totally objective way of looking at things, rather than just a bleeding heart. You can use sympathy and understanding without letting your judgment get too clouded with emotion.

In romance, the intellectual connection and perhaps romantic idealism, is more important to you than the emotional and physical side of love. You can become absorbed and occupied with an idea or a plan, a true mental explorer, dreaming, scheming and trying to satisfy an endless curiosity. You are a somewhat suspicious person, critical and judicial. Your mind may often be unconventional, but you are usually guided by a sound analytical and intuitive sense.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

You have a passion for adventure and excitement. Your activities and interests are made for the scientific and the conceptual as well as people and social campaigns, the uncharted and the unfamiliar This is because the logical and careful Virgo has a humanitarian and visionary Aquarian Moon that is creative and curious. This means your dreams and ambitions, are both extensive and offbeat. Mentally and spiritually you are a maverick and a pacesetter, but like most Virgos you might reside and work in a conformist setting.

Your faraway look makes you different from other natives of your sign, and suggests shenanigans and revolt, even though you may look in some ways like a mild-mannered Virgo. Your quick motions and gestures show your need for diversity no matter how reserved and careful you may appear to some. You enjoy observing others from afar and are objective and quite insightful. Your feelings about people are amazingly on target and they fascinate you. There are occasions when those around you feel more like objects in a scientific test than real friends because you are so objective and detached. You treat everyone with thoughtfulness and deference.

Your real fondness is usually just for social causes, ideals, or scientific projects. You think that love embraces all of humanity, not just a few. You need a lot of freedom and autonomy on the job in order to stay content and concerned. Your combination is perfect for scientific success. Besides technological pursuits, you can do well in education, psychology, social activism, and unusual areas like astrology and the occult. Your talent of detaching yourself from things is perfect for humane pursuits such as nursing, medicine, and the clergy. You mostly feel a strong connection with charitable and humanitarian undertakings in general.

As with all Virgos, work is extremely important to you, but enchantment is the key to your combination. You instantly become restless and perplexed if drudgery or boredom or sets in. Specialization is the nature of this combination. You are primarily interested in mastering one thing even though your pursuits and dreams involve a broad and creative spectrum. There is no stopping your dedication once you have discovered the area that interests you most, because you have the logical strengths and accuracy of the Virgo, as well as the innovation and pioneering spirit of the Aquarian.

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