Sun in Virgo — Moon in Cancer

The combination of Virgo Sun and Cancer Moon signs shows a sensitive, but harmonious personality; one that can think and feel very deeply. The intelligence, analytical insight, and discrimination of Virgo, blends well with the emotional sensitivity of Cancer. You have a receptive temperament often deeply influenced by outside conditions or other people with whom you come in contact.

Inwardly you are practical and discriminating, but outwardly you seem changeable. The combination of practical intelligence with feeling and a vivid imagination, can support success with relative ease. An intuitive insight into facts and details allows you to often "feel" the truth of an issue. Your have a good sense of values and find it easy to know what things are worth. Your intuitive knowledge of human psychology, and of the things people are interested in or will buy, supports progress and opportunity in business.

Security means a good deal to you, and to some extent you can emphasize protective and defensive instincts in your affairs and activities. You form close attachments to those people who are near you, but you’re ever shy around those you don’t know so well. Reserved and perhaps even a little timid, you project a conservative attitude. You are attached to traditions, convention, and habit, with change being a concept that you accept slowly.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

You are always in danger of falling into some fantasy and isolating yourself, and you are hurt easily and bothered by the tiniest tension around you. If you were raised in difficult or disagreeable surroundings, this is particularly true. You may have acquired unwarranted fears, neuroses, or paranoia that can be difficult to get rid of later in your life. You will be among those who inherit the earth if it is true that the meek will be included. You are, however an impatient person who will not wait long. You also happen to be very practical in your nature.

Of all the Virgo combinations, yours is maybe the most sympathetic and gentle, and like all very giving and sensitive people, you have a lot gifts and abilities that can find useful expression. Sadly timidity, reserve, and self-consciousness are the most incapacitating obstructions you come across on the way to fulfillment. You can establish big walls of defense to protect yourself from a world you comprehend as uncaring. You can constantly guard your fragile feelings. The world, surely, is not as bad as you think it is. Most of your doubts and fears exist strictly in your mind or are left over from childhood, if you stop to think about it.

It is not always simple for you to understand or tolerate dissonance with that mild, generous nature of yours. It is consequently important that you associate with people who brighten up your world and make it seem less menacing. After learning to be more assertive, more means of expression will be available to you. Virgo-Cancers can be good in medicine, the ministry, and service fields because they have compassionate desires. You can be clever and are an excellent organizer, so business is also open to you.

Be careful in your love life. Do not allow yourself to get absorbed by a bossy partner who takes away your identity. You are kind and giving by nature and this is appreciated by most. Learn to be assertive and less afraid of the unknown rather, than running away from dangers and challenges. Eventually you should find it simple to purge yourself of your worries if you try to understand their cause. Determine whether your close relationships are allowing you to grow or not. You rely a lot on the views and moods of those around you because you are impressionable.

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