Sun in Virgo — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of Virgo Sun and Capricorn Moon signs produces a well-integrated personality with a fine mind, but one who is on the critical, rather than the creative side. The intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo blends well with the realism, conservatism and deep ambition of Capricorn. You are your own source of strength, moral support, and ambition. There are few who can claim such self-sufficiency as can you.

This is one of the most practical Sun/Moon combinations in the Zodiac, endowing you with splendid abilities, business shrewdness, a calculating and realistic mind, and the ability to place emphasis squarely on material values. Your healthy ambition wants wealth and power. Your ability to organize and systematize your knowledge of business facts assures success and sound enterprise. Your mind can exclude trivial issues and concentrate on the important matters.

You are committed to personal integrity and people recognize this and trust you. A quiet determination and dedication to purpose describes your resolute demeanor as you uphold convention and follow routine. You are independent or you dislike the restraint or control of others. Public recognition or executive position means much to you, and you need a high objective on which to focus your energies for major accomplishments.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Moon ☽

From a youthful age, you knew exactly what you desired, and you went after it systematically and with complete self-assurance. Any difficulties, handicaps or obstructions you may run into, your strong mind and inner fortitude can deal with. You are a paradigm of independence and self-sufficiency. Pragmatic and sensible, you believe your future is squarely in your own hands. You hate whining and pessimism, and have no patience for those who partake in it. While your combination is one of the most favorable to worldly achievement and status, it is one of the hardest of all Virgo combinations to live with.

Your responsibility, determination and dedication to duty are equal to your powers of management and concentration. The tunnel vision pursuit of authority and success are Virgo’s aim and exactness, accuracy, and administration are focused upon those goals. You need to be ready to survive and win because the world to you is a Darwinian battle for survival. In social situations .you still seem as shy and benign as a Iamb, even though you are tar more outgoing than most Virgos. You are an intense observer and never miss a detail. When confronted, however, you can let go of your normal soft-spoken manner and become supremely furious.

Your tolerance has very defined limitations even though you may think of yourself as calm. A real challenge is keeping your temper in control. You are drawn to managerial and administrative vocations where you can get the authority and status you want. Law and engineering are good as well as professions that require more education. You are thoughtful, reserved, and quite tender, because the toughness so often apparent in Moon in Capricorn natives is dampened when combined with Virgo. But you are hard and very gung ho at home or at work.

Your notion of justice may be another person’s notion of totalitarianism. However, in your quest for power and rank, you will not be unjust or engage in cruel or unethical schemes. There is no understanding or lenience for anyone who fails to live up to your almost impossible expectations. Being less judgmental is something you need to learn. Try a little more compassion for human limitations. Keep in mind that not everyone has your strength and ability. Your mind is extremely powerful and incisive with the logic and organization you have. You are able to present a line of reasoning with such lucidity and reason that few can disagree.

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