Sun in Virgo — Moon in Leo

The combination of Virgo Sun and Leo Moon signs produces a very earnest, if contradictory personality. The pairing blends the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo, with the vitality, confidence and authoritativeness of Leo. There is much internal indecision in your nature, but the Virgo personality is sure to rule. You do what you should, instead of what you would.

You are naturally conscientious, revealing great working capacity or devotion to duty. You have a very confident and positive personality, often proving assertive, sometimes aggressive. Your assertive impulses may cause you to spend some time worrying when you later take the time to reflect and analyze what you have said or done.

You feel better when you can hold back until you have that inner confidence that the direction you’re headed is correct. You’re a person of very high character and strong principles. You rely on individual worth and expect others to recognize your sincerity, and they usually do. You have a practical individuality and a discriminating nature. Your strengths of character and high principles should help you attain your potentials in life.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

You are puzzled when you meet others who do not have your righteousness because you are deeply honest. Your supremely moral character is admired, but it will not bring success. Consequently, in life you have strength of mind, and start out in order to prove your value and merit. It is you who always works extra and never asks for recompense. Virgos with a Leo Moon are dependable, moral, and idealistic; they are known for being compassionate, moral, and caring. The two combined result in fundamental goodness. You were a perfect child and your mother never had to ask you to be a good girl or boy.

You are innocent, charming and always ready to help with the chores. You lead your life by a code that the modern world is leaving behind; one that is innocent, cheerful and warm. By doing the most difficult and often least desirable projects, you are the one who shows loyalty. This helps you live up to your moral code and without infringing on anyone’s territory. You do not often take full credit for all the great things you achieve and while you are dignified, you are also truly humble. You see others more cunning than you, pass by and get all the honors, while you, innocent to the actual realities of life, watch speechlessly.

Understanding the world better would help you. Demand the acknowledgment you deserve and stand up for yourself. Be a little less naive in your dealings with people and have a sense of reality. You love fun more than your other Virgos and are much more spontaneous. You need to be careful of your tendency to moralize. If you do not like the treatment you have been given, you may become bitter. Your sense of justice is almost selfrighteous. There is actually no need for you to preach because your many wonderful assets make you a person others admire.

You are probably mixed up by quickly changing sexual morals, because you are as inexperienced in love as you are in other parts of your life. Your intuition is accurate and usually guides you well, but you are always ready to listen to others. Your Leo Moon gives you a strong creative motivation and you have a powerful autonomous streak. Be sure that your abilities are not held back in a mundane job even if you are drawn to a predictable and ordered working and living situation. Your virtue and charm attract people. You treat people with respect and acceptance because you are thoughtful, even-tempered, and forbearing.

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