Sun in Virgo — Moon in Libra

The combination of Virgo Sun and Libra Moon signs produces a personality that is discriminating, intellectual, and peace-loving. This position blends the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo, with the emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra. You are friendly and know how to make a good impression, but you can remain detached and impersonal in relationships. You have a sense of restraint and diplomacy in your nature that prevents you from ever coming on very strong. You may not even voice your opinion unless you feel you really have something of value to offer.

Mental stimulation and study keep your quiet and observant personality occupied and content. You enjoy companionship and in having a good time, but excesses and extremes are not your style. The critical aspect of Virgo is softened by the Libra Moon, creating a fine and precise balance. The elements of discrimination and criticism blend to make you very selective in associations, and contained or restrained in the saying or doing of anything that might hurt or offend others. Your reaction to coarseness is avoidance. While perhaps a lover of humanity in general, your tendency to examine individuals closely before you accept them in any social sense, leads others to view you as highly aloof and particular.

You have a way of eluding the issue and being thought of hard to get to know. You practice a quiet and unassuming approach to life, having a live and let live creed. The social aspects of Libra make you inclined to enjoy friendships, but not the deep, intimate relationships associated with romance. You have an intellectual curiosity and love to experiment, to muse over what you have learned. Mental analysis and impartial judgment are the major strengths of this combination.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♎ Libra Moon ☽

You are natural diplomat because of your friendly good nature and tactful approach. Standing in your way is self-consciousness. It is hard for you to comprehend the aggressive approach of other people because you are not the pushy type. You are vulnerable to other individual’s moods as are all natives of a Moon in Libra. Therefore, if your work or living conditions are less than calm, you may withdraw into yourself, or go into fantasies and castles in the air for quiet and peace of mind. You probably had a hideaway where you could think and be alone when you were young. Everyone appreciates your composed style and laid-back disposition.

You are essentially a gentle, calm, and refined person. With skill, charm, and delicate persuasion you can convince anyone to come to your side. You have a truly unique manner with people. You have to understand, as an adult, you need to deal with the starkness of reality. Running away all the time is not an option. Everyone needs serenity from time to time, so it might be a good idea for you to do yoga or meditation. Find peace in nature by taking country walks and simplifying your surroundings as much as you can. This will let you be able to make your own happiness in spite of the troubles in the world.

You are romantic and possess a sharp artistic sense. When selecting a partner, you place value on physical magnetism. Compatibility is something that needs emphasized to be in your selection too. Your romantic associations can easily be out of balance with you doing all the giving and your mate doing nothing but taking. Be certain that your partner has your understanding and can give you the emotional back up and boost you need. People may simply believe you are introverted and may not know your fears.

However, being shy is frequently an excuse for not dealing with the opportunities and challenges that life offers. Do not refuse outlets for yourself and your talents. Use your will power to alter and redesign your fate. Do not be so reliant on those around you and make yourself do things. The hidden abilities you have may be a surprise to you. You are very perceptive and logical and have an understanding and insight, which is extremely precise and can be profound. Your astuteness and penetration can assist people in the courtroom or hospital or in fields like counseling, social work and management.

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