Sun in Virgo — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon signs produces insight, an understanding mind, a profound personality. You are both intellectual and intuitive, can reason things out by cold logic, learn facts, and absorb figures, while your hunches are actively at work. Born wise, you know a lot without being told. The combination blends the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo with the emotional sensitivity and intuitive understanding of Pisces. Born during a full Moon, you express a profundity of mind, studious inclination, and deep understanding that sets you apart from most people.

Success in business or a profession is aided by a keen intellect and sound retentive memory. However, the strong blending of the intellectual and the intuitive may steer you toward more contemplative inclination of mind and away from the practical. Perhaps you are interested in the arts, music, or the metaphysical. You can easily balance practical interests and the theoretical. The vast differences in your individuality and your conditioned responses can cause a good deal of restlessness in your nature.

Thought and feeling, logic and intuition, observation and impression, all are balanced well in this configuration. Understanding, but critical, you are highly respected for your ability to listen and advise with trustworthy discretion. While not being very ambitious and perhaps not the best executive, you are willing to shoulder a good deal of responsibility. You really don’t want to be in the spotlight, yet you are very popular and people seem to just naturally rely on you.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

You interact with people openly, and they generally give the same in return. You are dependable, demonstrative, understanding and sincere. You are not an antagonistic sort and are aware there is not much you can do to change things even though your sensitivity makes you painfully aware of the evil and unfairness in the world. You adjust yourself to a difficult life and try to hold on to your principles. Subtle persuasion is one of your talents. You use your gifts of delicacy and tact to gain the comforts you enjoy so much because you understand the importance of security.

Your calm and sophisticated manner is hard for people to resist. You have an inner peace that others would love to have and are mild, soft-spoken, and very sensitive. Experience has most likely taught you that goodness, compassion, and honesty succeed where aggression and toughness fail. You are a good student in this regard. You find purpose in your work like most Virgos, and in your profession you are devoted and sincere. You run the risk of not doing what you are capable of, because your combination is essentially passive. You just cannot stand to be with aggressive people because you have a quiet and tender nature.

To keep your peace of mind and vision, it is vital for you to get away for contemplation regularly. Quiet kinds of recreation, study and meditation are perfect for you. For a lot of Virgo-Pisces people, faith is a real means of self-renewal. You may have an artistic career because of your vision and aesthetic nature. Service oriented areas like law, medicine and social work are areas you can do well in. You have a powerful imagination and many cerebral and creative gifts that can find pragmatic expression, so do not let your talent lie sleeping.

Learn to take a few of gambles sometimes. You may give way to serious depression and nervousness if you do not learn to feel satisfied in your career. Some fear that usually has no foundation in reality is unusually the root cause. Your emotional wellbeing is affected by your environments. Your mood tends to subconsciously soak up the feelings of those near you. Be sure to give yourself a home and professional environment that is as free of strife as possible in order to have stability.

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