Sun in Virgo — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Sun in Virgo and Moon in Sagittarius in many respects produces a dreamer that thinks in large broad terms; a Virgo who consistently belies the nature of the sign. You are capable of doing things that you probably disapprove of, for the sake of adventure, romance, and excitement. The puritan nature, commonly the hallmark of Virgo, may have to look the other way while you accumulate a few experiences. You are definitely not a classic Virgo possessing a narrow and focused mind. Many of the thoughts that run though your head bear little connection to everyday life.

You are surprisingly philosophic and somewhat introspective, but instead of looking inside yourself, you seem to hold preconceived notions of what you are or would like to be. You can be so idealistic at times that it will be hard for anyone to meet your expectations. You can spend a good part of your life just daydreaming, though you do possess a practical analytical nature allowing you to be a very creative person when you decide you want to be. Your challenge will always be to control your restlessness and concentrate on things that have true relevancy.

You can be very dramatic in all your actions, and you likely have a good talent for acting. Your use of body language and gestures can clearly communicate. You must be especially careful in this sometimes, and be aware of a tendency toward bluntness in dealing with other people. Often they will take a tactless comment much more personally that you intended it. Human sensitivities are something that you will have some difficulty understanding.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

Your being is either the rebellious adventurer who listens to the inner voice or allows the Virgo to be the boss and settles for the devoted and responsible approach, but as a highly frustrated traditionalist. The balance of Virgo-Sagittarius people compromise by working in an integrated and formal framework, but keeping a bold, impulsive spirit. You have a strong autonomous aspect and high standards. Your Sagittarius Moon makes you a lover of freedom and a rebel; someone who is impulsive and adventurous.

On the other hand, the Virgo Sun leads you to be careful, tolerant, quiet and methodical. These are very diverse signs, which lead to a multifaceted and interesting person, but one who is mixed up. When setting your goals and defining your beliefs and life-style, you are never certain which part of your twin personality should be in charge. You believe you ought to be your own boss and this is probably correct. Being an independent businessperson is a good choice for Virgo-Sagittarius. No matter what you choose for your profession, your work behavior always shows a Virgo’s realism and administration, together with the Sagittarius fervor and nerve.

Impulsiveness at times, counteracts your best attempts. A full social life and a lot of outside interests are very important. You will surprise yourself and just move on one day if you let your attachment to your job make you feel restricted. You have a powerful need to express your feelings and beliefs and are very humorous, but there is also a leaning toward speaking out and being blunt with off the cuff comments. You may at times, because of this, disaffect those very close to you. You should attempt to think about the feelings of others before you speak. As wonderful as they may be, keeping your thoughts to yourself is sometime better.

Your success in life is helped by your persuasive, charming manner, which draws people to you. There are times when you fancy testing your luck, use intuition, or go with some amorous or daring notion even though you seem to be fairly unworried most of the time. If you feel you are somewhat restricted or controlled by work, marriage or life-style, this yearning will overcome you. At the first sign of boredom or drudgery you get fidgety. By being sure your pursuits and work offer the exhilaration and variety you require, you can learn to manage that unpredictable nature of yours.

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