Sun in Virgo — Moon in Taurus

The combination of Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon signs produces a very solid, dependable and salt of the earth type personality. This is usually a materially fortunate position. Though you may have a natural tendency to worry, you may have little to worry about. You have a sharp mind and an affable personality that endows success with little difficulty.

You are strongly rooted in security and appear to others to be a most stable type. Though nerves may sometimes flare up, when you are given time to think things through, they are easily brought back into control. You can get a little flighty, sometimes a bit extreme, even eccentric, or at least unconventional in your habits and general behavior. Ambition is not strongly marked in your nature because you never seem to need it as things just naturally seem to flow your way.

You have the capacity to stick with any job until it is done and done right. Yet you may never be the one to initiate the big project, scheme or dream. You excel at overseeing and keeping the troops in line. You have a way with people because you don’t "beat around the bush" and play games. Straightforward and constant, you manage with integrity and purpose. If you weren’t born into a fortunate environment, you know how to create one. Common sense and a wise practical bent will lead to success in business and in personal relationships alike.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

Your value system is old-fashioned, conservative and strong. But, indeed, old fashioned is frequently the best approach for the Virgo-Taurus. People often turn to you because the counsel you give out is always sensible and well thought out. They can feel your worldly understanding and experience. This might be the most wellrounded of all the Virgo combinations. You are tranquil, easy going but also determined. There is not much you cannot accomplish in life after making up your mind that you want to do it. You are paradigm of resolve, character and pragmatism with a nature that is accountable, genuine and dependable.

It is not very difficult to tell you have a soft heart even though sometimes you try to seem severe, harsh, and demanding. Regrettably, you see your compassion as a flaw and you always try to conceal it behind that a seemingly uncaring exterior. Fortunately for you, most individuals know what you are doing. You are an individual that others imitate because of your commitment, sincerity, and honesty. Too much ease in doing things is the only thing you must be cautious about. A good thing for the cautious Virgo-Taurus is travel.

Business and finance are good professions for you. What you are especially good at are long-term projects that require fortitude and practicality. You can be excellent at administration, finance and management and you are also a terrific organizer. You are reliable and consistent in love and you look for those traits in a partner. Once you are married, you will most likely remain married. The ease and constancy of home life are very central to the Virgo-Taurus. This will always play a role in your self-identity.

There are few serious barriers in your life because Virgo-Taurus is a very harmonious mixture. You take the chance of falling into self-satisfaction in spite of all your ingenuity and work ethic if you are not careful. You are inclined to resist any modifications or innovations due to that traditional approach of yours. Be aware of changing life-styles and new concepts. New experiences help you gain insight, so learn to take a few chances. Try to expand your friendships and your social circles. You tend to play it safe here too, keeping your associations to those who are a lot like you. Occasionally, you should make an effort to open up a bit to new people.

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