Sun in Virgo — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Virgo Sun sign and Virgo Moon signs shows that you are strongly attracted and engaged with intellectual interests. Never much of a romantic, ou are nonetheless a steadfast and faithful friend and partner. With any permanent relationship, you must connect at the intellectual level. A very discriminating individual, this trait largely dictates your daily routine and associations. You are very finicky in your tastes in matters of the company you keep, how you dress, and how you live. Proper and conventional, you are never one to take big chances or color outside the lines.

You aren’t one inclined toward risktaking. You are very secure in your practicality. Flightiness, insincerity, and frivolity, heavy emotions or half-thought-out ideas have no place in your life. Since you think matters through so carefully, you are not likely to be gullible or easily convinced. You are a very socially oriented person. You believe in preserving law and order and when issues need changing, you want the improvements to occur in an orderly and gradual way, according to the rules of the game. The revolutionary spirit is not strong in your nature.

You are a peaceloving person, and fighting a arguing are not things you engage in very often. While you are one to hold rigidly to your well conceived ideas, you have no difficulty fully understanding and appreciating the ideas of others. At times, this makes a firm and decisive course of action hard to plan and execute. When a direction is decided, your creations are marked by care and precision and a flawlessness that is amazing. You are the perfectionist, always placing many demands on yourself.

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You have unrivaled abilities to remember facts and analyze data. Sporadically, you remove that humble appearance and argue or express a viewpoint that is so logical, clear, and precise that others do not even dare to disagree with you. Double Virgos often unnerve individuals with their piercing stares. Their comprehension and insight into other people is extremely accurate too. Practically nothing escapes your notice. From the reserved librarian to the genius analyst and administrator, there are many types of double Virgos, but they all share two qualities: you are far tougher than they appear to others and they are quite insightful.

Others can feel that core of resolve and purpose through the timid, reserved, and kind person you are on the outside. There is almost nothing you cannot do after you have made up your mind, because you are flexible, systematic and vigorous. You have also an exceptionally gifted mental ability. You aim criticism most harshly at yourself, but like most Virgos, you are inclined to see faults and errors nearly everywhere and in everyone. Do not stunt your emotional growth with self-criticism. Living up to the lofty standards you apply for yourself is almost impossible.

Instead of getting upset about your faults and endlessly placing yourself under such scrutiny, learn to value your talents, strengths and virtues. It would be wise to try to have a bit self-love at times. Your need to help and assist others may attract you into social service areas such as the clergy, medicine or political activism. Self-fulfillment and happiness are found in work, as with all Virgos. It is critical that your career apply your unique talents. Leo Tolstoy and Lyndon Johnson are good examples of natives of your combination.

You are very flexible and always accept advice and reason because both signs in your combination are mutable signs. Using your mind and your strong determination will take you where you want to go. You have a lot difficulty dealing with betrayal and deceit because you are basically compassionate, kind and thoughtful. Your bravery and perseverance helps you to live and prosper in a difficult world even with all your innocence. You think you can control anything with your intellect and the application of your inner strength. Relative to a profession, you have an aptitude in all areas that need thorough analysis, accuracy, and exactness. A lot of double Virgos are fine academics, writers and journalists because of their powerful intellects.

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