Sun in Virgo — Rising in Aquarius

A man with the Sun in Virgo and an Ascendant in Aquarius is a fan of practical inventions, which they introduce in their environment, they can always be found at the exhibition of inventions. They are aware of new patents and create novelties themselves; They want to simplify the work and are ready to work on this day and night without bending their backs. Ideas do not make you wait, big and small; They invent a potato peeler and a reactive computer.

With technology, they are easy to handle and rationalize, until the line becomes nauseous. And they do get their way. The work becomes easier, faster; And they are very surprised when the work gets smaller, so suddenly it turns out that people can not find it: progress brings uncertainty to their surroundings.

Virgo with an ascendant in Aquarius wants to be socially independent, constantly changing their place, and in the end they establish that their ingenuity can not offer anything to provide assurance. Fortunately, they always come up with something of value; They do not fantasize, they painstakingly embody stunning ideas. In dealing with people, they are also constantly testing new questions, reaching direct testing. Their nerves are always very tense.

They are constantly looking for interesting meetings, because they are not only curious, but also strive for research experience. They are satisfied only when there is more whirlpool around them than elsewhere; Then they feel their existence is justified.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

This combination of signs gives the person some coldness and estrangement, but this does not mean that you are completely inattentive to others: in fact, quite the contrary. However, you protect your emotions for more worthwhile occasions than the romantic or monetary affairs of friends. They can grab your attention only if one of them seriously threatens to commit suicide, and then you will do everything possible to keep him from this crazy act. You feel your involvement in the global problems of being and try to practically help in their resolution. You are a great fighter for freedom or a missionary and have firm and unshakable views on politics, war and religion. However, in everyday life you can be impatient and irritable.

You’re a good friend. Spitfire, but do not keep evil for long and usually good-natured and polite. You will have several brothers and sisters and a good relationship with them. Your father can engage in agriculture, trade or cattle breeding. He will not have a big impact on your life.

Dark Side of the Sign

You live in a completely different dimension and think that everyday life is something that does not deserve your attention. You think that you were born for great achievements, and develop grandiose projects to save humanity from all ills, although they always remain only at the planning stage. But this does not stop you from talking endlessly about your absurd ideas. If you are really sure that you can cure mankind of its vices, why not go to action, instead of chattering endlessly about it? The trouble is that people will probably soon find out how impractical you are, and your ideas are groundless. I’m afraid that you are none other than a dreamer, and one of the most boring. You are sorely lacking in firmness, and you are only offended and indignant when people more cleverly implement their plans in life.

Love and Family

You are like a cat that walks by itself, the type that prefers to keep others away. Usually your attitude to love is alien to conventions. Sex attracts you extraordinarily, although you do not rush into marriage. But most likely, having fallen in love, you will keep your affection to a very old age. Your spouse will come from a good family and will be a man of artistic expression, and your life together will be long and happy. Your spouse will have money, but you will be able to use them very narrowly. You can have twins born, and in this connection you may be in some kind of danger. The child born first will be injured. You will travel a lot on business related to your children.

Career and Money

You can beautifully express your thoughts and, undoubtedly, you will be able to develop your artistic and literary abilities. In addition, you are interested in music, theater, the humanities and secret methods of experimental research. You will achieve everything with your own work. Your financial situation will be unstable, and success can be accompanied by obstacles, various kinds of difficulties and intrigues of secret detractors. The situation can also be complicated by the death of an important person in the business community. You certainly have several sources of income. Your career will be of a secret nature and may be related to chemical research, work for the government or investigation of crimes. Money has a special appeal for you, so you can also strive to make a career in finance or insurance.

Health and Immunity

If you are overly stressed, you can suffer from insomnia, which leads to fatigue and depression. This combination of signs suggests a person’s susceptibility to blood diseases, muscle spasms, stomach and neuralgia. If you give yourself enough rest and learn to relax, you will keep your health for many years to come.

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