Sun in Virgo — Rising in Aries

A man with the Sun in Virgo and an Ascendant in Aries enters the world energetically and with a certain idealism, quickly, however, giving dominance of reasonableness. Their life pressure is irrepressible. At night, they often embrace the desire to bring something to the scene, but in the morning the thought is always clear, and they quickly put everything in order. They are irritable and nervous, but the intellect overcomes it.

Actions are not very intangible — pure idealism seems stupid. Only when it comes to foresight, security, when they feel cheated — then there is a deliberate militancy.

This can reach the intellectual destruction of the enemy, there is a rational sobriety, cold and heartless. But all this happens under the cover of ideal, so that others do not notice what is happening. This character is characterized by rapid and acute criticality, which seems convincing, but not always human.

Own interest often comes to the fore. Virgos with an ascendant in Aries look from behind the scenes, but through their own glasses. Thinking about the end of life, they firmly hold back what they say they hardly got.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

You are energetic, impetuous and prone to risk, but you do not have enough self-confidence. Often you prefer to hide this behind assertiveness and arrogance. The more insecure you feel, the more repulsive you behave. Nevertheless, people are attracted by your energy, gambling and warmth of the soul. You can be a wonderful friend, always ready to lend a helping hand.

You want your dignity to be recognized by everyone, and very flattering to flattery — this is the shortest way to your kind and generous heart. You have good health, you like outdoor activities, preferring a disco to football or an outdoor pool.

You are firm in your opinions and beliefs while you keep them. The trouble is that they change quickly. Probably, in the family you were the only child. Your childhood is marred by problems associated with parents. Relatives do not favor you, and family relationships are often strained.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are probably a hypochondriac and fanatically watch your health, and also impose on everyone your fancy diets and ways of maintaining health in good condition. You are very gullible, come across advertising newfangled medicines and wonderful healing products. Despite all the precautions, one day you may be seriously ill, but even a saint will find it hard to endure the way you portray yourself as a dying swan. You can really get tired of yourself.

Love and Family

You need someone who can lift you in your own eyes and love you for what you can achieve in life. You will marry early and hurriedly, and later you can regret it, as you are expected to divorce. You will also have a lawsuit related to property and money, in which the person of the opposite sex will play an important role. This combination of signs does not promise many children, and you can have only one child, or there will be no children at all. You have a poorly developed instinct for procreation, and you should not hide it from your spouse.

Career and Money

You are a kind of pioneer in everything related to intellectual work, civil or military service, and you can expect success in travel. You will be involved in activities related to mining, military affairs and law. You are ambitious, but you will encounter many difficulties, to overcome which you will need great courage. In addition, you can excel in occupations related to sports, health, hygiene and service.

Health and Immunity

You are always on the move. Your brain always works at full load, and you bring yourself to physical exhaustion. You can suffer from colic, flatulence and intestinal inflammatory diseases. There may also be injuries to the eyes, hands and feet. Remember that even if you feel well (and how can it be otherwise in your lifestyle?), This does not mean that you are necessarily healthy, so provide yourself enough rest that you so need.

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