Sun in Virgo — Rising in Cancer

A man with the Sun in Virgo and an ascendant in Cancer is perfectly able to feel the necessary duties of everyday life. True, they sometimes keep themselves as if they alone are really capable of working. But they do not want this; Just being diligent, they expect this from others.

Their work is always well-prepared, the measure of their participation is always variable; They for many days can not take anything into their hands, but then they will overtake all others. They are very tenacious in the performance of their duties; If they are lifted out of bed at night, they agree uncomplainingly. They know how to deal with others, because they know the arguments of others in advance, because they quietly observe them, and have a memory that could be called monstrous.

Virgo with an ascendant in Cancer would like to work with all people of goodwill, but unfortunately they find such people with difficulty. Being bosses, they are very sensitive to criticism, so sometimes they do not feel completely confident. They are looking for complex workarounds to blame the employee; Sharp expressions are difficult for them to give.

They have to be somewhat cajoled, if you need something from them to achieve. However, if they feel flattery, it offends them, so it’s better to be away from them at some distance. They hardly endure frustration, but they never feel completely free; A lot of them get on their nerves, and they all try to smooth out the work, which, unfortunately, depends on their mood.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

Despite all your love for people, you do not really want to deal with them. You are motivated by an apparent goal, but your activity falls when the goal is not clear. You are hypersensitive, but not always show that you are hurt or hurt, and tend to hide their feelings deep inside. This puzzles people, and only when you once again begin to mope, they begin to suspect that you are offended by something. You can be complaisant, sympathetic, kind and gentle, but when you are ill, hide deeply in your shell.

You have a rich imagination, you are attracted to unfamiliar places and adventures, you easily adapt to other people and accept their ideas and views. Your life will be full of ups and downs, you will enjoy fame and possess some power. You can be the only child in the family, and if you have brothers and sisters, they will not be very lucky in life. Probably, after the marriage, you will establish close relations with some other family.

Dark Side of the Sign

You have absolutely no sense of proportion, and you are indignant in response to the slightest criticism. You do not hesitate to shower around people with caustic remarks and blame them for lack of tact, although they completely ignore their feelings. At best, you are a headache for others, at worst — boredom and anguish. You are pleased to make others unhappy, exciting in their imagination nonexistent grievances. You do not cause love in people, and if there is such a person, you will not be slow to drive him out. When you are in a bad mood, you close the doors of your house before everyone to let the "accused" know that they do not need you. One day, when you open them again, you will see that there is no one around you.

Love and Family

Love acts on you as a rejuvenating agent, gives you energy and self-confidence. You are sentimental and keep as a treasure of small things, reminding you of a past love. Even if all your love relationships end unsuccessfully, the urgent need for love constantly pushes you toward new acquaintances. You should be very cautious in choosing a life partner, because happiness in marriage is doubtful for you. Children will bring you problems, although the older child can achieve success in medicine, military science or chemistry. Your children will be your best support and support in old age.

Career and Money

You have a remarkable talent for recycling old material, for new use and extract money from it. You are striving for security and a good position, but the achievement of material success will be accompanied by difficulties. The sources of losses will be relatives, children, speculative operations or love affairs. Although you survive enough trouble, later years will be successful for you and bring prosperity. Success will come from enterprise and courage, although up to thirty-five years your situation will be somewhat unstable. You can become a wonderful sailor, journalist or a person of a free profession and will travel a lot on business related to your work. You can manifest yourself in some kind of social movement, as well as in places where negotiations are an indispensable attribute of the work.

Health and Immunity

Your emotionality, as well as the love of sweets, are the greatest threat to your health. Depressed anger can have a devastating effect on the body, and an attempt to compensate for negative emotions by consuming excessive amounts of food or exorbitant craze for alcohol can permanently undermine your strength. Vulnerable areas — chest and stomach. You are prone to rheumatism and sciatica. There is some risk of injury from falling, as well as the likelihood of getting sick on travel or when you are abroad. Just a small fraction of common sense will greatly help you increase the chances of living a very long life.

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