Sun in Virgo — Rising in Capricorn

The character of a person with the Sun in Virgo and the Ascendant in Capricorn creates self-care from the surrounding or take their problems upon themselves. They are very real, their plans are always fulfilled, and they fulfill them, at least for this it was necessary to turn the world from head to foot and subject to destruction. They seem to inherit a flair that you can only believe someone you can trust. They are indefatigable vassals who are always needed. Their beliefs are always not new; But always confirmed.

They suggest that good upbringing and education help advance. They do not recognize the lottery and sweepstakes, everyone is the smith of his own happiness. They are waiting for their happiness, but since they have to earn it, they work. If they violate their own moral principles, they suffer, as if they are being pursued by the strictest judge.

Virgo and the Ascendant in Capricorn want to drive the devil out of themselves, not noticing that they are being laughed at. In the same case, if they do not have a fantasy, they embrace inner indifference, allowing them to work almost mechanically, by order and contract. Hope exists as long as a person is active. And the reward comes — but those to whom they once wanted to so impress, long disappeared from their surroundings.

They work without restraining their backs for the sake of a good education and can be jealous, if the other rides on the labeled word. These are gloomy workers who keep torches by others and, like true paladins, themselves remain in the shadows. One day they will not get enough, but will not be.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

This combination of signs gives great practicality and the ability to achieve remarkable achievements. You love that everything is done on time, and definitely do not waste your time on fruitless dreams. You are sympathetic to the characteristics of behavior, tastes and habits of other people, so you can leave a wonderful traveler. In this you will also help your ability to easily master the languages. If you live abroad, it will bring you a material benefit. You never tire of learning Your only problem is that you are characterized by pessimism and melancholy, which you usually fall into when your plans and ambitious plans get frustrated. You are adamant in your pursuit of the goal, not important, in your personal life or profession. You are a reliable support, which you can rely on completely.

Often you take on too much, and then wonder why you start to suffer defeat. Try to be a little less reliable and responsible. Have fun at least sometimes, it will bring you many benefits. It’s not easy for you to make yourself relax, but without it life will be very hard for you. You are very reserved in the presence of strangers, but in a circle of friends are quite sociable. Your father and the whole family are usually hostile to you and can be a source of problems, especially when it comes to your marriage. As a child, you can develop slowly, but finding your own way is never too late.

Dark Side of the Sign

You can get bogged down in worries and deprivations that will lead to your hypochondria becoming chronic. Every pain leads to a heart attack, every experience is just a blow. Staying depressed, and this happens most of the time, you sometimes decide to give your doctor from you to rest and drown your sorrows at the bottom of the bottle. The next morning, depressed by the consciousness of what you did with your body, you take horse doses of vitamins.

Your fatalism forces people to flee from you, because you are boring your neighbors with complaints about poor health and other your life problems. People are afraid to trust you, since you are from birth — a person who likes to climb out of their business. You can not feel almost no sympathy for people, but it does not stop you from interfering in someone else’s life.

Love and Family

In a romantic relationship, you are reserved and very vulnerable. The inherent sense of inner insecurity leads to the fact that love gives you more sorrows than joy. Marriage is very unstable and has a big impact on your entire life. Some people born under this combination of signs are not attuned to marriage, and others marry early and repeatedly. In any case, your love affairs will be very changeable. If you have two marriages, probably one of them will strengthen your financial situation. Your spouse will be able to influence your career. You will have few children, and you will have high hopes for them, although you will later realize that it was not wise of you. Married with a foreigner.

Career and Money

You have ample ambition and determination to achieve very much in life. Well-being will come to you thanks to your personal efforts, the help of friends, and also the game on the stock exchange. You can engage in work related to education, travel, foreigners, politics and law.

Health and Immunity

You are prone to diseases caused by your irritability, stress and depression. Try to restrain the feeling of anxiety and seek to communicate with people who will be able to strengthen your spirit and cheer up. Health problems can include colds, constipation, rheumatism, stomach problems and colic. You are also prone to falls. Remember that you are a hypochondriac, and do not take yourself too seriously.

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