Sun in Virgo — Rising in Gemini

The character of a person with the Sun in Virgo and the ascendant in Gemini gives the impression of sociability, but of full seriousness. They use their ability to communicate in order to make sense in everyday life. From what they once recognized as right, they do not refuse.

They know how to insist on their plans with convincing words, but in serious cases they themselves take to the matter, with all diligence and thoroughness. They do not evade, they organize, they get down to business. If others start to envy them, they release a joke about themselves to eliminate prejudice. Their zeal is amazing, but they are waiting for recognition, they need prestige.

Virgos with an ascendant in Gemini achieve their goals, they are able to unravel the knots and to work without haste. If they have hastily promised something, they do not back down, but use every opportunity to fulfill their promise. If they sometimes seem insolent, then only to the extent that it is necessary to not show others how much they are close to their goal.

They are able to overwork themselves. Their constant presence, the desire to rework everything they experience sometimes leads them to a state of stress, so they begin to greedily catch air. They do not trust others, their criticality is caused by mistrust. But they are always needed, because they know how to translate deep seriousness into external lightness. Their connections are stable, if only the partner observes persuasion.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

Outwardly you seem communicative, sociable, intelligent and therefore enjoy popularity. However, the best way you feel at home in the company of several old friends or spending time with your loved ones. You are free to stay surrounded by many people, easily make new friends, but your true loyalty and affection are reserved for a select few. Honestly, your parents, when you were older, you had to encourage you to spread your wings and flew out of your native nest into the wide world. You are guided more by reason than by feelings, and like to share your views with others. You prefer to read a good book than to waste time on silly love adventures. You are very critical and inquisitive, always want to know why and why, and wait for reasonable explanations. You do not have time to listen to fools.

You live to learn, believing that knowledge can never be too much. Although you are interested in many things, you tend to limit yourself to superficial knowledge, because you quickly get bored. You are accommodating, honest and kind; If something is wrong, you start worrying and get annoyed quickly, although you are just as quick and calming down. There are a lot of quarrels in your family, and you probably did not have a good relationship with your father. As a rule, you are the cause of your own troubles.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a frivolous and picky type. You do not care more than a flea, and your tongue is like a viper. Your weapon is a word, and you use it to hurt painfully. You can not please, you are trying to find faults in everything and everything. People try to avoid your caustic remarks, so sometimes you suffer from loneliness. Strange, but you can not even understand why. Try to imagine how you would feel if you were treated the same way as you treat others. And then ask yourself, is it nice?

Love and Family

You want to have either all at once and now, or nothing at all. When you start a novel, you think more about how much it can entertain you than about love. Your life will be full of changes, and representatives of the opposite sex will play an important role in them. Your love affairs will be filled with secrets, and as a result the child will suffer. You will marry twice or have two love connections at the same time, usually one of them — abroad or with a foreigner. You will have few children, and they will probably succeed in the field of fine arts. In general, their life will develop successfully. Complications in the family will be caused by your actions.

Career and Money

Suitable professions are associated with property and trade in it, land, family business, law, literature, art, science and travel. You are inventive and original, know the laws, in everything that is connected with negotiations and trade. In life, you will experience both big ups and major setbacks, it will be difficult for you to find the golden mean. You will be able to take a good position in society, you will have two professions. There is a danger that you will undertake many things at the same time and you will not be able to pay enough attention to each of them. You should realize this deficiency in yourself as soon as possible. If you try to be attentive and accurate in everything, success will come to you.

Health and Immunity

You have a weak nervous system. Your active mind and labile psyche have a great influence on the physical state of your body. If depression occurs, you do not sleep at night. You should beware of gall bladder diseases, poisonings, fevers, nervous diseases and lung diseases (especially if you have dark hair). The basic rules for maintaining health are quitting smoking, doing exercises, eating moderately and sleeping a lot.

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