Sun in Virgo — Rising in Leo

The character of a person with the Sun in Virgo and the Ascendant in Leo brings light to the dull daily routine of work and duty. They are excellent organizers, they know how to motivate their subordinates, but they work fine as subordinates themselves. They are striving even to do majestically. The one who only grumbles low falls in their eyes. Anyone who likes only to count crows on the city wall, there is nothing to do with them.

Virgos with Ascendant in Leo even seek to associate spirituality with everyday life; In the evening they would like to attend a good lecture hall. They take responsibility for duties, which however must be clearly limited; They take care of their department and their work, and not about the whole enterprise.

However, they have the ability to attract good employees, because they depend on the response received. If they reject or even ridicule, they are all crumbling, but they will repay twice. They can also quickly hide in their workroom, and there weave their network — they are always here, they all see, they will always find a scammer and a scandalmonger!

If necessary, they know how to put themselves, they know how to set an example — but not for long: in two hours they will show how people should work all their lives; For themselves they at the same time make an exception: the one who cares about the perspective, should have peace.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

You are much more imbued and kindhearted than the ordinary Virgo. You like to play first roles in life and do not suffer from lack of self-confidence. You are a materialist, in fact, and differ curiosity, so you can quite get involved in collecting. You have intuition, a business sense, you know how to make an impression — you, no doubt, are waiting for success. That criticism, which is peculiar to Virgo, is constructive in you. You are very sociable and have a good sense of humor. Although it is a pleasure for you to make someone else pay the bills, you can easily make a wide gesture yourself. You crave recognition and gratitude, and they usually come immediately.

The Ascendant in Leo sharpens your sensitivity, makes you especially prone to flattery, which can lead to complications in love. You are proud, seasoned, you dislike any manifestation of pettiness. You love all the majestic and beautiful. Father plays a big role in your life, and when you were still young, he could have experienced some difficulties. In the family there may be litigation in connection with the inheritance or a long journey. In general, this is a charming combination of signs.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are so mean that do not share with the hungry child and a drop of sour milk. You "forget" at home your wallet, when you go for a walk with friends, and with great reluctance throw out old things, believing that they can for something else fit. People laugh at your stinginess. You regret money, even for gifts for Christmas or for birthdays, you are looking for where you can buy a thing on the cheap, and clearly enough let its receiver know how much you paid and how it should be grateful to you. People know that they will have to pay a high price for every manifestation of your generosity. But do not worry, you will soon have no friends who need to make gifts. Only your poor family will suffer, but your children, as soon as they are old enough, will not slow you from leaving your home. And as soon as possible.

Love and Family

Love is very important to you, and if it is not, then, in your opinion, it is not worth living. The person you will finally choose for yourself in the companions of life, should make sure that you always look good, and create such an emotional atmosphere that you feel protected, desired and deeply loved.

You will probably have two marriages, and both will have children. Your firstborn can be in danger. You can also have twins, especially if you are married to Aquarius. You are a faithful spouse and try to love sincerely. Possible vicissitudes of matrimonial life can be more a consequence of the intervention of higher forces than of your actions.

Career and Money

You are a man endowed with many talents, persistent and stubborn. You achieve your goals through great endurance. You may be interested in fine art or public service. You love poetry and theater. You can engage in classes related to finance, banking, insurance and accounting, as well as collecting. Everything that you do, you try to do well, and you will succeed thanks to the help of rich patrons, and losses can be a consequence of unimportant health or family problems. You will find many trips that will bring you financial success. Your profession will provide you with a fortune and honors.

Health and Immunity

The stormy lifestyle that you lead can cause illness and exhaustion. You should strive to observe moderation in everything. Diseases characteristic of this combination of signs affect the heart and back. You can suffer from rheumatism, bone and blood diseases. What you eat and drink affects your health more than other people do, so the choice is yours.

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