Sun in Virgo — Rising in Libra

A remarkable feature of this character of man with the Sun in Virgo and the Ascendant in Libra is the ability to remain almost unchanged for a long time. For many years they do not age, as if time flies for them almost imperceptibly. They are as agile as they used to be, they are just as reasonable and nice, and as well-groomed.

The Virgin with the Ascendant in Libra seem very peaceful; The working day turns into a festive day, they spend the holidays, not indulging in idleness. They fulfill their duties, as if by the way, as if it gives them pleasure. These are the dowers of duties!

Their friendliness is contagious, and they are watching that everything is in balance, so that nothing contradicts each other. They have many friends, and they appreciate these ties. With strangers, they are friendly, but at first, they keep distance, because they do not possess courage. But if they say something, you can rely on it.

They sometimes make the impression of seducers, but this is erroneous; How willing they flirt, so rarely do they admit the dangers that can swallow them — only if it’s about fulfilling a cherished dream, and even then they are not involved in it too fully. This character is ready to take a lot on itself, but does not stop at the same time, but is ready to always develop; They need it to open up.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

Libra usually gives serious and snobby Sun in Virgo ease and love of jokes and fun. Both Virgo and Libra are inclined to tie in trivialities, and you prefer not to face the realities of life face to face. This leads to problems when you have to succeed. This combination of signs suggests that you can succeed by working in partnership with a partner. At the same time, your partner must be a very energetic and respected person. You will act wisely if you recognize the fact that playing the first roles is not for you, although, probably, it does not bother you. You prefer to stay in the shade both personal and professional.

Probably your father did not differ in ambition, and you secretly wanted to get something more from life with him. Your indecisiveness can cause problems. Your hobbies are very strong, as long as they persist, but it does not last long. You suffer from shyness and, undoubtedly, you passionately want to get rid of it. Nevertheless, you find that loneliness acts on you in the most beneficial way.

You tell yourself that you are sociable, but when you enter a room with many people, you are immediately embarrassed and are more likely looking for the nearest exit. Familiar places and persons soothe you, and secular talk is not your strong point. In addition, shyness makes you afraid that you can say or do something stupid. You could undoubtedly do better if you were brave. Let’s face it: you can not live a full life until you are ready to take risks.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are touchy, always unhappy and cowardly. You crave to get everything from life, but too lazy to work for it, or too hesitant to stop at something. Therefore, in life you remain only an outside observer and can only criticize. You are waiting not to wait for others to fail, and although outwardly express sympathy, we are really happy about it. You feel a sense of superiority over others, believing that you are more talented, but are afraid to expose your talents to verification, because you doubt that they will be recognized. You always say "I could" or "I almost did it" and to death weary people around me with arguments about the reasons for my life’s failures. You do not notice how people look glassy, and they can barely yawn when you enter the room. But since you do not have friends, then your ability to harm them is minimal.

Love and Family

You are difficult to describe, because you are constantly weighing and trying to balance the different sides of your personality. With your smart, smiling and attractive face, you usually do not lack fans. You will either surround your loved one’s attention, or avoid deep relationships in general, confining yourself to superficial flirtation, fearing strife. You are likely to marry a man from a large family. Possible disputes with relatives of the spouse, and the case can even go to court. Children will be few, they will be successful in life, will bring you satisfaction and become the best support in old age. Your spouse can leave you, and you will receive an unexpected inheritance. Your friends will be from good families and, oddly enough, from the art world. There is a danger that you can cause harm to one of them, not wanting it.

Career and Money

You are creative and have the abilities of a designer and decorator. You quickly learn and have a propensity for art and business. Generally speaking, your success is associated with navigation or liquids. Many people born under this combination of signs become traders in wine or alcohol, chemists, therapists, surgeons and sailors. You will be popular and in maturity reach a good position. Your career can be quite connected with the public and travel. Be wary of instability that threatens to undermine your position, and be prepared for the fact that luck will not always be with you. Profit will bring operations with real estate, and you can achieve success in your country or your hometown.

Health and Immunity

Try not to overexert your body, night vigils and excesses can lead to illness your vulnerabilities — liver, kidneys, veins. You are prone to colds, especially if your feet are soaked, as well as to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. A little care for yourself will significantly help you extend your life.

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