Sun in Virgo — Rising in Pisces

The character of a person with the Sun in Virgo and the ascendant in Pisces instinctively feels the surrounding world, but often can not follow his instinct. In essence, they know about the need to cope with everyday life, fulfilling their duties. But they so often allow themselves to be distracted, allow themselves to postpone the necessary work, which turn out to be too sensitive to disturbing circumstances.

Virgos with an ascendant in Pisces hope to find strength in a partner who is chosen reasonably-selfishly. If this works, they get down to business, but they need pause for "recharging". They always see their surroundings enlightened, never so harsh as it really is. This leads to difficulties, because, contrary to a good instinct, they allow themselves — it is true, rarely to deceive, but often — to seduce, they willingly succumb, giving promises that are not able to fulfill.

They tend to quickly become loved, in order to better stay in everyday life, but then they have to work it all out. The safest way they feel is in a society that sets itself a lofty goal. The more they let themselves be driven, depriving themselves of the right to vote, the more they long for partnership, hoping to find support in the partner, as everyday life turns out to be so difficult to verify.

A great role in their life can play mysticism, they even seek to reach the bottom of the phenomena. Almost all of them are building themselves a mysterious world in which they seek to leave in the evening, when they can safely retire from everyday life without fear. This can lead to isolation or to missionary obsession, depending on the initial level.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

At first glance, you seem soft, tender and fragile, like a butterfly, but on closer examination it turns out that the wings of this moth are made entirely from thin gas, but from iron. You can be benevolent and sensitive, but you can not take you with your bare hands.

If you are able to tie together your artistic abilities and your practicality, you will be able to achieve great success. In addition, you are perfectly able to work with a partner. You know how to take and give, how to compromise without harming yourself, not touching anyone’s pride and not causing resentment and resentment.

You do not really like loneliness, preferring a company of people of your circle, whose views and interests coincide with yours. You are rather indecisive, and you need time to think and weigh everything. Sometimes you are restless and gloomy, but usually you are charming and charming. In the relationships of your parents, things are not going smoothly, an accident can happen. Your mother may well be married twice.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are so fickle and changeable that sometimes you do not know what you are doing and why. You are always in a bad mood, and others think that you take time from them, suck energy out of them and test their patience. You are not responsible for your actions, people quickly understand what kind of parasite you really are, and try to avoid you. But it does not frighten you, you will always find someone else to whom you can become attached. Unfortunately, you have a certain charm, but nevertheless your intentions are always obvious. People are not deceived for long with your speeches, and sooner or later the source of your potential victims will run out.

Love and Family

You are an idealist, the idea of love attracts you. Nevertheless, you always get into unpleasant situations and you tend to cling to memories, instead of going through life further. You may well marry more than once, and this side of life will bring you only troubles. Relatives from the side of the spouse will interfere with your life until you stop it. Marriage will bring you a fortune or inheritance. You will have many children, lucky in life. They will travel a lot, and their lives will be full of changes.

Career and Money

You can succeed in nutrition, health, literature, art or science. Work for a partner will be successful for you. You are very active and will succeed in any area of your interest. Well-being will come to you thanks to your efforts, its source can be literary work or travel. The satisfaction of your ambitions will be greatly helped by women who hold a good position in life. You will make many business trips or you will have two professions.

Health and Immunity

In youth, you are not healthy, but in adulthood your body will become stronger. You need to carefully monitor your diet, spend a lot of time in the fresh air and exercise regularly. Your vulnerable places are your feet, knees and eyes. You may be prone to heart disease, in addition, you should carefully handle hot or sharp objects. Women can be bothered by gynecological diseases. You will help yourself very much if you avoid nervous tension and dragging with alcohol.

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