Sun in Virgo — Rising in Scorpio

A man with the Sun in Virgo and an ascendant in Scorpio is passionately given to the tasks of the current moment, which they are eager to resolve with enthusiasm. They do not look back or forward, their task lies in the present.

They can even turn off or suppress feelings, just to accomplish their task. Their compulsion can act on the nerves of employees, but in the end carries them. It gives the impression of fanaticism, but it is intentional involvement and deliberate passion. Naturally, they can explode with anger, but they only bite their lips.

They do not leave anything unexplored that can help achieve immediate goals. They know that this must be done now, because their life is ahead. If someone does not work like them, it makes them angry, they start chasing him with their hatred, until he either harnesses with others or leaves a job. Since childhood, they want to do everything so best; They are ready to eat from a separate plate, so that the mother can eat less, and eat quickly.

Virgos with the Ascendant in Scorpio is always loaded with something; Mental stress threatens their health. If something goes wrong, they explode. They can be tormented by jealousy, because they are constantly overextended and undermine their strength.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

You are very critical, although, frankly speaking, they are also capable of self-criticism. You probably think that people are divided into those who love you and those who do not. You are only interested in the first, and you become a wonderful friend and lover when you feel that you can trust a person. The sun in Virgo smooths the extremes peculiar to Scorpio, but still sometimes you can be too jealous of work and entertainment.

You are a born professional who cares about the quality of work and strives to do everything in the best possible way. This quality can lead far. You know exactly what you want to achieve in life, and you do everything to satisfy your ambitions, and often it gives clear results. Try to be less picky, as this can lead to the fact that you will argue, which you will later regret.

You have a rich imagination, you are impatient, quickly flare up, although it is just as quick and cool. You have brothers and sisters, but you can be the only child in the family. Your brothers and sisters may not be very lucky in life. Father treats you well, but many failures will fall on him.

Dark Side of the Sign

You have your own principles, which you immediately share with unsuspecting people about it. When people get tired of listening to your tirades, and they make it clear to you, you become rude and sarcastic. Envy simply oozes out of you, you can not survive when others are happy and succeed. You can not hesitate to destroy people’s beliefs without offering them an acceptable alternative and not bothering to confirm their words with arguments. You like to listen only to yourself. Often feeling unhappy, you want to be sure that others are also bad. Your caustic remarks hurt people to the core, although you do not pay attention to their reaction or dismiss them as something insignificant. You are tactless, jealousy consumes you. You forget nothing and do not forgive and will enjoy, reaping the fruits of revenge, no matter how long you have to wait for it. Any person in their right mind will walk you three kilometers, and with you will remain those who are your match.

Love and Family

You are reserved and seem calm and collected, when in fact you are torn apart by emotions you are desperately trying to fall in love, although this does not always bring only happy experiences. You tend to suppress your partner, and your criticism means that you can kill deep feelings in him even before they reach their heyday. The passion of your nature will probably lead to the fact that you will marry more than once. You will have many children (maybe twins) and they will marry early. In connection with them you can experience some kind of secret grief. You will have many secret love relationships, one of which will have a significant impact on your situation in life — for better or for worse.

Career and Money

Specialists in the field of occult sciences, chemists, philosophers and detectives owe their talents this combination of signs. Your pickiness and inclinations to disputes can find their positive embodiment in the ability to conduct a vivid discussion. There is also a tendency to seize the sea and the desire to take a leading position in the government. Your financial affairs are often in frustration. In your youth you will be poor, but in your mature years you will succeed. Significant financial gains can be made through marriage, family help, business abroad, and also due to cases involving legal issues. There are two different sources of income. Your ambitious aspirations will come true, and all your efforts will be justified.

Health and Immunity

You tend to hide your feelings and will suffer from diseases that are the result of stress. Physical exercises will help you relax and improve your health. You are prone to gallbladder disease, headaches, fevers and inflammations of the reproductive organs. Your right arm may be prone to injury, and you should also handle hot or sharp objects with care. You should save your eyes. For the most part, you yourself are the cause of your illnesses, because in some respects are prone to unchecked behavior.

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