Sun in Virgo — Rising in Taurus

The character of a person with the Sun in Virgo and the Ascendant in Taurus gives the impression of a real evenness and straightforwardness. They feel the problems of everyday life and take on them. They are pleasant to the surrounding people, including the fact that they are good at talking and coloring a lot. They want three times to ensure the end of life and constantly find to that all the new opportunities.

They can anyone to confuse their full images with speech, convince and hide behind their own realistic reality. At the same time, they have a pronounced criticality, especially when it comes to dreams, fantasies, some completely new reforms. They quickly find weaknesses in these plans and break them mercilessly, but so that there is no malice in it.

Virgos with an ascendant in Taurus have a great attraction for the other sex; however, they are only ready to flirt with words. Silent links for them are unthinkable, they can remain silent only if nothing awakens their interest. Being unsure of themselves and not knowing themselves too well, they spoil their conversations with much and admit some rashness, haste. Patience is not their strong point, although they say so.

They change friends; Long-lasting relationships appear only as a result of suffering, and if disappointment in new friends makes you return to the old. Sometimes it seems that they too often view everything under a magnifying glass.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

This is a well-balanced combination of signs. You are delightfully sociable, funny, have good taste and are probably a great animal lover. You are practical and sensible, but do not try to impose your ideas on common sense to people. You have a good sense of humor, you like fun and spend a lot of time in social and romantic relationships. Art expressiveness is of paramount importance to you, but do not be discouraged if you fail to become a professional in the field of art. You love children, and they also love you. A fan of enjoying all the benefits of life, you can sometimes allow yourself to overeat and abuse alcohol. You are a wonderful master and resourceful cook.

However, you do not easily adapt to change and hardly accept a new one. You are very concerned about your safety. Carefully handling money, sometimes you can be wasteful. You even get carried away by random speculations, which pay off quite well. If you lose your temper, everyone knows about it a mile away. You can be vindictive. You have good parents, especially your father. Usually this is a person who occupies a high position in society. Your life will be calm, and any problems that will arise before you, will result from your stubbornness in the face of change.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are as pliable as a lead pipe, and your stubborn resistance to change leads to endless problems. In addition, you are a spendthrift, indulging your whims, and are only interested in pleasure and entertainment. You like to cooperate with people only until you are not presented with any requirements. Children are great when they behave well, and money is a means of obtaining pleasure, but not acquiring anything necessary. It’s very hard for people to reach you, and if they try to prove to you your wrong, you are angry or drown your grievances in the most expensive wine that could get. Even when the money is tight, your answer is to spend what is, on new clothes in the most expensive store. It is not surprising that you are a source of grief for your friends and do not deserve them at all.

Love and Family

You are attracted by earthly love, you are sensual, practical, emotional and you are rarely happy without having a spouse. You may not show this, but you are very vulnerable, and you are frightened by the idea of being rejected. You are jealous, but inconstant. Your family happiness can be prevented by detractors. For some reason, you and your spouse can come to a decision that it will be better to disperse, and the connections that you will have after the divorce will be full of drama and problems. Your children will be a source of satisfaction for you, they will excel in their studies, especially in the field of art. But in the first years of life they will need very good care, as they may not be distinguished by strong health.

Career and Money

You are very foresighted, able to be a leader and can achieve a high position in life. You are interested in natural science, land and gardening, could succeed in the field of art, working with children or animals, or in classes involving operations with property or playing on the stock exchange. You will be a well-off person, although you may suffer losses due to legal disputes, unemployment or love relationships. To you can also come and unexpected luck through someone’s faithful love, and through friends.

Health and Immunity

Your main problem is your weight, and it’s hard for you to diet. You prepare well, and your life plans depend on your appetite. You can have diseases of the spleen, liver, kidneys, in women — ovaries. Diabetes, sore throat and tonsillitis are the diseases characteristic of this combination of signs. Just a little care for yourself, and it will be rewarded to you a hundredfold, because only a constant disregard for your health can harm your strong body.

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