Sun in Virgo — Rising in Virgo

A person with the Sun in Virgo and an Ascendant in Virgo refers to others primarily from the point of view of reasonableness. They are diligent, reliable, somewhat prim. They need it, so you can rely on them. They tidy up what is left by others; That others are done superficially, they finish.

Virgo with an ascendant in Virgo know the value of the order in life well, that is why they are gladly accepted for any work. What needs to be done, it should be done, but they require well-deserved pay. They are able to observe, although somewhat superficially; Criticizing, they do not go too deep. They are wicked only in relation to parasites; Here they are energetic, they do not allow themselves to be abused.

They are not envious. Let those who do more live better — but not at their expense, they would take it as arrogance. They do not perish because of fear of getting their hands dirty. They quickly think, see every opportunity to take on this or that; Even from the trash can they can get something useful.

They accept criticism if they find it reasonable. As for the soul, they pretend to be deaf. They do not recognize psychopathic illnesses: everything must have real causes. They are always well-informed, continue their education, read good literature, take care of their health. The necessary foresight is taken seriously: God saves man, who save himself.

♍ Virgo Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

You are intelligent, shrewd and have an analytical mind, as a detail we add that you have gray eyes. Guided by the mind, not the heart, you classify, criticize and remember everything and everything. This can be a difficult test for others. You are adamant in your decisions and impose your opinions on other people; you are a bad boss because you do not know how to give orders.

You can not to not be a pedant, you give all the strength to do business in the best way, and expect the same from others. It is difficult for you to make friends, but if a person proves his loyalty to you, you value the relationship with him. You have a sober mind, you are not inclined to panic, and therefore you can rely on in critical situations. But you would not be bothered to show more cordiality, and you are too absorbed in thoughts about yourself.

Since you make high demands on yourself and others, life for you is a kind of hard struggle. Relatives and neighbors do not sympathize with you. In your family there may be complications: the father marries a second time or one of the parents may have a love affair on the side.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a grumbler and a bully, always and everywhere looking for errors and shortcomings and draw attention of other people to them. You are born a loser, because you will always find the reason why something can not work out, and decide that it is not worth it and try to do it. You are a mean idler who bored everyone with his constant complaints about the need to pay for necessities. Nevertheless, sometimes you can not hesitate to spend your hard-earned money on your whims. You are just a heartless iceberg. You only know how to take, and if you share something, then only when it is profitable for you. You are a miser, both financially and emotionally. Although you are a very unpleasant type, your ability to do harm is not that great, because no one wants to contact you.

Love and Family

Most of all you need a like-minded person, you do not need any love and related difficulties. Superficiality, rudeness, immaturity — all this pushes you away. If you do not have a sincere friend, you completely immerse yourself in the work, thus compensating for his absence. It’s not surprising that your love affairs are often one disappointment and you are likely to marry twice or have an affair on the side. You will not have many children, but it will be difficult for you to educate them, and they will not marry early or with ease. If you are a woman, then your first pregnancy can go through with complications. Probably, someone will show with respect to you a constant hostility, which will be associated with some kind of love story, and to her will be most directly related to the child.

Career and Money

You love literature, history, theater, art, gardening, truck farming and agriculture. Your mind will allow you with equal success to master both theoretical and practical knowledge. You will not be a very wealthy person, and money will get to you with hard work. In youth, you will experience great financial difficulties. Nevertheless, you can get lucky with money abroad. You will work well in banking, business and research related to medicine. You probably have to travel a lot abroad for business. At the end of your life, you will own property in two different places.

Health and Immunity

You are so worried about your health that the case may end up because you will have a skin rash because of this. In addition, you are just a fanatic of vitamins. You are prone to flatulence, colic, digestive disorders, decreased tone, eczema and allergies. You always feel that something is wrong with you, but it rarely turns out to be something serious.

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